Weight Lifting Question...

Basically what I’m asking is what is the best way to lift to get the least amount of excess muscle mass with the most strength? I was wondering also wether it would be more beneficial to do more reps at lower weights or less reps at hgiher weights and how this would affect into my 1st question. Anyways thanks in advance for the input.

lower reps, low volume, heavy weight (above 85% of max)…

thanks for the info

Yep… anytime

Yeah jsut keep the reps down u don’t have to lower the intensity to much as long as you phase everything properly We don’t put are reps up to how but get are intensity up pretty high without much actually mass gains.

Carefull, though. If you’ve never done serious weight-training, I’d caution ya from doing the majority of your liftin’ at 90% or above. I’ve heard some horror stories of hamstrings flippin up like a curtain, but mostly stupid people make stupid mistakes. Listen to your body, and be careful if it’s yer first year.

Edit: there are a lot of threads on this subject, though. so check them out w/the “Search” tool.

You’d obviously want to do an accumuklation peroid hyprotrophy and then max 1 recoveyr max 2 etc etc Im assuming you’d cycle everything

I’ve never done any serious lifting on my own but once my broken foot heals I’m gona start training under a guy at the local track club who I’ve heard is a great coach and should be able to help me with not only my running but my weightlifting as well.