Weekly cycle during SPP

Hello all,

I’ve been tossing an idea around in my head would appreciate some feed back. :o

This season’s SPP will be about 8 to 9wks long. Now for a junior aged (18yrs in Jan; fairly talented; 7.68 & 11.85pr’s) female short sprinter I was considering a weekly track cycle of the following:

Accel upto 30; SE (split runs of 60-80m to complete runs of approx. 250m)*


Accel/longer speed upto 60m


Same or similar to Monday

*Once good technique can be maintain in all reps of the split runs, complete runs would then take over. (ie 3 X 4 X 60m becomes 3 X 3 X 80m which may becom 3 X 250m.)

Because the athlete is a junior and female I feel it would be best to to stress the SE throughout the 8-9wk SPP.

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond :slight_smile:

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Have you got a target date in mind? Will this be indoors? What events? Not sure about the 250s, is this for indoors and why 250s?

Depending on the targets of the week, I would place Speed Endurance on Wed with the rest of the sessions as they are -just to spread the load.
If the focus changes, e.g., to top speed later on, you could move Friday’s top speed session (if any) to Monday…

Just some ideas here…

Thanks for the thoughts/suggestions… :slight_smile:

(1) Are SPP will be 8-9wks, followed by a 9 wk indoor season with the most important meets occuring on weeks 6,7 & 9.

(2) Yes this will be indoors, but we plan on running some competitive 200s in addition to the 60m. Her pr is 7.68 but we believe she’s capable of a sub 7.55s and a mid to low 24s 200m.

(3) I felt it important to really develop the SpecialE.

(4) And the acceleration mechanics as that is also an area of weekness for due to her height (5’10).

(5) I chose 3X250m because 3X4X60 & 3X3X80 equal to 3X250 keeping the volume consistent. What I’m looking for is some speed development, in addition to the Special endurance work, coming from the repeat 60’s. Furthermore, I want to see the running form held for 60m and then extend it on out to distances in around 250m! I don’t want start off with extended/complete SE runs and have them excuted with poor technique.

(6) Thinking about it I’d might do some thing like a 180, 220 and 250 instead of the 3 X 250m

(7) Her strength is steadly increasing as this is her first year with solid weigth program…should be at around 200-210 for 4-5 reps by the begining of the maitenance phase.

Again thanks for the feed back as you’re really forcing me to think and re-think.


I understand you want her to run 200 m, too, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go up to 250 m intervals. I am not against it, it all depends on your approach.

As you do a S to L programme, I would make the transition towards longer intervals smoother -due to her age as well.

You seem to be thinking of adjusting it, too with the second set of distances you provided. Also, you are right in pointing out that she should not struggle with her form in longer intervals, so make this transition as smooth as possible; another way to help her here might be splits, when you feel the distance is getting too long for her to maintain proper form. As she get better, you can increase the first part of the split run (e.g., 100 + 50 m, 120 + 80 m, 150 + 50 m, etc).

Of course SE is important, too. However, paying more attention to acceleration initially will help her strength as well -in her first structured year- which can be transferred to good top speed, as the main focus perhaps indoors and then to SE depending on how things are progressing. Think long-terms, too and if her SE is not as good as you both expect by the end of it, but her top speed is there, summer time will all come together…

Hope it helps!

Thanks …

After you’re first post I got to think about the transition from small splits to the long complete run of 250 and decided to make the “transition a little smoother”! Instead of the 3 X 250m I will most likely go with either 3X120+80 or 2 to 3X150+100m or 2 to 3X150+50 after the 3 X 3 X 80m. As you can see I’m a fan of split runs because, even with 60s to 120s rest intervals, it allows for better execution of mechanics, increased intesification, and I feel there is a positive psychological effect for the athlete…particularly female athletes! I also feel they’re ideal for those that run on indoor bank tracks as it allows the ankles and shins a moment to “cool off” :stuck_out_tongue: . Anyways, I’ll save the complete runs, ie. 250, for phases 2 and 3 or simply use them as the odd test throughout the SPP.

Thanks again…

No problem!
The latter can actualy be a good way to monitor how split runs and other elements affect performance and in what way…
Good luck!

Although, in conversation with another coach at our training facility, a former great female sprinter, I might go with a 20s and/or 30s runs as a means of assessing special endurance and readiness.

Great exchanging ideas with your :slight_smile:


That’s another good option, yes!
Just be consistent with whatever you decide to pick for a valid feedback…
All the best!