Weak Hamstrings?

Wouldn’t you say I have weak hamstrings compared to my quads if I can do a squat workout at 185lbs 3x10 easily and max out the leg extension machine at 170 and do 3x10 but when I get to the leg curls, I can’t even do 100lbs 10 times? Anyway, what is a good ratio for quads to hamstrings for a sprinter?

Without getting into the strength issue, I would stay away from the leg extension and leg curl machines.

max out the leg extension machine at 170 and do 3x10


i agree with dlive11, stay away from these machines. here is a link to one of chris T’s hamstring training articles:


Yeah I know, I’m just starting up lifting on my legs again, I never have really done leg curls before. I usually go with all the different kinds of deadlifts. But it surprised me how weak my hamstrings were. Thanks for that link

I think weaker hamstrings seem to be quite common so no need to fret :slight_smile:

Yeah I have a lot of time to work with strengthing my hamstrings. I am not competing this year :frowning:

I don’t want to offset the subject of this thread but I have a quick question…I am always reading about reverse leg press…what exactly is that?

As far as hamstring development i would say that deads, squats, lunge matrix work, and reverse leg press followed by actual sprint work should be fine, but some isolation work can help balance things help if done in a sane manner.

clemson, you ar not a fan of the glute-ham raise?

Well I’m not competing this year cause I’m going to a college that doesn’t have track and field but otherwise, yes, I do have a history of hamstring injuries. Last year I pulled my hamstring really bad. I was doing good exercises for them too, glut/ham raises, and deadlifts. I think last year it was just due to overtraining. Since I’m not competing this year I just want to get them stronger

well this was actually during my first year in college, I changed schools but i’m going back to the other one next year to run again. I did have treatment almost everyday. I had massages, ultrasound, and electric stimulation on it. I was able to do a full sprint without it hurting about 6 months later. I’m finally starting to get back in shape. I’ve been doing that microstretching program for about two weeks now to get some flexibility back. Oh actually no they never told me how it could have happened, they are just the athletic trainers at the school. I had a very strong core and everytihng, I just think I took a wrong stride or something. I could get into the whole story but I won’t…

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clemson, you ar not a fan of the glute-ham raise?

Proper glute hams raises on a machine works the hams at both joints, but the one of the floor only work it from the knee joint side - supposed to help in preventing hamstring pulls from what I hear though