Warming up before the race

So what is the ‘standard’ on warming up on the day of the race, including stretching and movements , cos obviously you dont want to weaken or fatigue the muscles

Heres me, I dunno what other people do though…

About an hour before the race starts I jog until I start to sweat, which is between 1/2 to 1 mile depending on the temperature. Then I do warm up drills like A’s and B’s and whatnot. Then after I’m positive that my muscles are warm I will do some static stretching. Then since I hurdle I go grab a hurdle and do my lead and trail leg drills, and then I’ll practice going over a few at race height and speed. Then I’ll go to the starting line and listen to my headphones and keep loose til about 10 minutes before the race. Then I set my blocks, take the headphones off, and then take a couple of practice starts. After that I just wait and keep confident and relaxed. Another habit I have that I didnt realize until a friend pointed it out to me was that I pace a lot before the race starts. When I’m waiting for the official I just pace behind my block back and forth in my lane. I guess its just how I deal and it keeps me warm. Then its go time. Hope this helps.