Warm-up run

How do you guys warm-up with jogging?
There are many different versions out there. To list some of them:

  • “stride outs”?
  • 100m run, 100m walk, 100m run, 100 walk, …
  • 1 mile countinuous run
  • 800m countinuous run
  • 300m run, 100m walk, 300m run, 100m walk, …

What do you guys preffer? I usually do 300m run and 100m walk and I repeat it for 3 times. It gets me warmed up quite good. In the past I always ran 2 laps. the problem was my calves were always tight after that. Even 300m run and 100m walk routine makes my calves a bit tight.

After reading Angela Issajenko’s book I switched my group to:
600-300-100-100-100 (4 laps when you take 100 walk between runs)
Some of the shorter sprinters prefer 600-100-100-100 (3 laps)

Stride 100/Walk 100 4times, Jog/Skip 400, or 800m Jog.

Example Warm-up:
Stride 100/Walk 100 4 times
Static Flex
Dynamic Flex
2x30-50 builds
2x30-50 builds

100 jog, 100 skip, 200 jog, 200 skip, 200 jog, 200 skip, some striders

the skipping seems to help the short sprints not be too winded but still get in some good paced jogging before the striders if wanted