Warm-Up for Weights Only

When doing a weights session without a track session before how do you guys warm-up?

I HAVE to split weights and track one day a week. So it is track int he morning and weights in the evening. I do AIS before and after the track work and have a hot/cold shower after track and usually feel pretty good when I arrive in the gym. (Have a cold bath after weights)

I usually do some technique work for the Clean with just the bar and then do a number of warm-up sets and go straight into it. How does this sound?

Oh yeah, should I have Go Recovery Drink (or similar) after both sessions?? Yummy! :slight_smile:

Thank You.

Personally, it depends on what type of training I will be doing that day. (I train a bit differently fromt he rest of y’all here i think.) If I am going to do some Oly lifting, I’ll start out w/ some light cardio, AI stretching and some oly complexes, then i will pyramid the weight up. If i am squatting or doing upper body work, the warm up cahnges slightly. Hope that helps.

I usually grab some bands and do:
Band Flies
Band Straight Arm Pullovers
Face Pulls
[Insert a Movement Here]
Javorek Complex
Warm-Up Sets

10 mins x-trainer / 3 mins rowing / 200 abs

20 - 30 pressups / shoulder rotations / rolls etc

3 x 3 x 10 rotator cuff exercises

then x 5 @ 50% of max and a build up to whatever

Take a look at the purpose of the warm-up: I would define it as:

*Raise the core body temperature to improve cns function
*Prepare the skeletal and muscular systems for work
*acclimatise to the excercises and loads.

So you need to do some form of jogging, cycling etc for a sufficient time to raise the core temp, light perspiration is a good sign. You then need to prepare the muscles and joints so things like general swining of the arms, body weights squats, bar only reps etc… but try to cover as many muscles and movements as possible. Then start building up the weights in the excercise you are performing to hone your technique, get the bodies system used to the loads and heighten the nervous system control.