Wanting to be ready

There is a small meet coming up in the first week of Jan. I run the 1 and 200m. For the last couple of months I’ve been doing a lot temple and strengthing work. With the meet a month a way what should I do to get readyfor it? I have designs on making the US trials year. I’ve run 20.8 in the 200 with only couple months of training in the summer. Is it to early to be thinking about running that kind of time this soon?


Just curious, you have ran a great time of 20.8 and have plans for the US trials, but don’t know how to train?

It’s not that I don’t how to train. I’m just always looking to improve upon what I’m doing and to see if what I’m doing is right. I am no expert by any means. 20.8 will not get me to the trials and that is the fastest I’ve run. I have never run at a Pro level before and it has been a struggle to get this far. So I guess what I was looking for were some suggestions. I’m training on my own with some help now and then from a local coach, but in end I feel it is up to me to make sure I reach my goals. God willing I will get to the trials one way another.