want to add DL to program

i want to try and add DL to my program.
i was thinking of doing something like this.

Mon and Friday
Leg press
Bench press
Reverse leg press
seated cable row
reverse hypers

and wednesday’s
Dead lift
Incline B.P
step ups
Lat pulldowns
Back Extension

would this set up be ok, and would i be able to keep this all year round or is there a need to change the exercise’s every block? or is that just a body building method.

Looks good. Why leg press instead of squat?

I would try to change at least some of the assistance exercises every block
(Incline B.P
step ups
Lat pulldowns
Back Extension
Reverse leg press
seated cable row
reverse hypers)

I would avoid deadlift because when lifting heavy it places to much strain on the back.

I would stick to squats or leg press

hi guys thanks for the input.
i actually have a disc related injury and cant sqaut, but i find DL not to be as much as a strain on the disc.
squats and cleans really stir things up with my back. i have not been doing DL for a while now but want to re-introduce it.

so would keeping mon and fri session the same all year be good, and then change the exercise’s on wed every 4 weeks be the best option, but keep DL in there!!
or would changing everything except for L.P, DL and bench press be better?

I think it’s a good idea to change your core lifts every 2 or 3 weeks if you are lifting heavy (high weight, low reps). It doesn’t have to be a big change, maybe just change the stance or grip.
Auxiliary lifts should also be rotated to keep yourself fresh and improving.

ok thanks :slight_smile:

Looks fine. But during a pre comp and comp phase, you may wanna drop a few auxillary exercises and stick to the main lifts and more running. No need to change your primary lifts every block. You can change your auxillary lifts as long as they are serving the same purpose.

A suggestion for auxillary exercises.

Incline B.P – Incline DB press
Lat pulldowns – wide grip pull ups
Seated Cable row – Bent over DB rows using a bench.

I would choose 2 of the following for each block.
Step up – Reverse leg press – Lunges
Back Extension – Reverse Hypers – Glute Ham Raises.

However, I really love Reverse Hypers, IMHO I don’t think any other exercise works the hip extensors as well.

it has sample’s of his athletes weights program.
im not sure if im reading it right.
it say for eg.
Bench press
1rep 375
6 repsx350

is this one workout???

if i dont have acsess to reverse leg press, whats another option. would step up or lunges be a substitute??

or would straight leg hip extension be a better alternative to reverse leg press?