Waldemar's Book?

In CFTS, Waldemar wrote the chapter on Recovery and Regeneration. I noticed that in the intro, it is mentioned that he was writing a book titled “Eastern European Methods of Recovery and Regeneration.”

Does anyone have this book and/or know where to get a copy? I did a quick Google search, but no luck!

I don’t believe he ever put out a book in English though he has published materials in Polish.

Too bad. I think it would be an interesting read.

yes. It certainly would be!

do you have any idea where his material written in polish would be available? Or how he can be contacted to request it?

I went to Waldemar for a consultation about a month ago.

I’ve been to sports MD’s, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists, and none of them ever came anywhere near to giving me a holistic diagnosis of what kind of biomechanical issues I have. They basically have all said the same thing- “What hurts? OK strengthen [insert muscle name here] and it will improve.” Sorry, it’s not that simple!

Without me mentioning anything about my personal history, he had figured out which leg was longer, how bad my scoliosis was, and what I should do to improve a host of other minor things. Did I mention this was all within the first five minutes of my appointment?

He worked on me with (EMS / massage) for about two hours, and throughout expounded on a number of things pertinent to my strength levels, what to focus on to improve, etc. I am just a weekend warrior masters sprinter who runs 12.6x, yet he called me the next day to see how my meet went.

I would say that if it is at all possible, try to arrange to visit him. He is beyond worth every penny. I got a top-notch checkup as well as a physio lecture at the same time- I took two pages of notes when I got out.

I doubt you will be disappointed!

Where is he located?

I agree totally. look at the injury record we had, only two significant ham injuries in 4 years with a big group- that was lower than the marathon runners, let alone every other event group.

Charlie, are you still in touch and on good terms with him? Maybe good audio interview!

I also see Waldemar worked with a US 1500 runner in '96.

or even something along the lines of what Fundamentals was on dvd?? Sweeeet

Waldemar is in Ottawa.

Does Waldemar like to sail boats?

Yes. He’s an avid sailor. Maybe we can get him to do an interview.

Does anyone have any articles that I could read on Waldemar techniques/

I found a bunch of links with what now is his name. Not sure how many Waldemar’s there are in Ontario!

Since it seems Waldemar’s book never was finished or is available, maybe Charlie and Waldemar can put together a product on this! :cool:

or a movie

I know this is an older thread, but I’m curious about Waldemar’s techniques. Could you elaborate a little on his style? Charlie has mentioned it to me briefly in the past. If I remember correctly, he said Waldemar used very little lotion and could dig into a muscle up to the first knuckle without causing pain or raising enzyme levels. I believe Charlie’s description was that Waldemar had fingers like a gecko.

Also, did Waldemar give you any useful tips that you could do on your own to help his work hold?

I know Waldemar used microcurrent acupuncture, trager massage, stretching, massage as “manual therapy work”.



Any updates on a possible joint venture product with Waldemar?