Waking up the next day with severe calf (or other muscle) tightness

Has anyone ever slept after a CNS workout day and wake up the next day with severe calf (or other muscle) tightness?

When I wake up, I am able to alleviate the problem fairly quickly with massage, warm shower, and/or EMS.

But, is there any protocols to help prevent this before one goes to bed after a heavy CNS day?

Take ZMA before bed to keep muscles from tightening up, as well as aiding in recovery, take a 3min hot and 1 min cold series in the shower, pulse the leg muscles before bed with easy EMS, take arginine and/or niacin (easy on the dose!), self massage.

Sweet, thanks a lot Charlie!

When I go world class I’m going to owe you a big check :slight_smile:

Heard that one before Charlie?

Scarface - I started a calf tightening thread a few months back and there was some very good input from the forum if you run a quick search - Charlie covered it all though.
My issues were probably very different from yours - but I found EMS particluarly helpful in my case.
Hope it helps.