is it ok to do heavy volume with little speed during this part of the season.
I was thinking about doing
100-200-300-400-500-400-300-200-100 pyramids
and 8x300 work for the next couple of weeks.
I would perform these workouts about twice a week.

I run the 200 and 400!
What do u guys think?

What are your PB’s and what speeds will these runs be done at (intensity)?

21.9 and 48.2
the tempos for these will probably be about 80%
definetly not full speed. I figure the recovery is walk what you

give us an idea of what you weekly setup would look liek if oyu included these runs and how it would change during each phase.

Running that slow seems like Int. Tempo, but the volume is too high to be called that kind of workout.

Like Quik said, we need a better idea of weekly setup to help out.

Sounds like it would be extensive tempo- you’d need to put a watch on it to be sure. If it is, the vol should be ok.

my weekly set up…
modays- short sprints, plyometrics,quickness drills

tuesdays- between 2000-2800m volume
this is the day i would do my pyramid workout

wednesday- active rest

thursday- between 600- 800m volume.

friday- flush system day… about 1500m volume.
saturday- active rest

I will play with this schedule more as the season progresses.

Thanks for the advice.
I plan to go 20. this year!!!

if your setup corresponds with this it looks ok for GPP but id def add some things such as mobility work.

monday-short speed,plyos as you said

tuesdays-extensive tempo 65-75% intensity short rests?

wed-active rest

thurs-intensive tempo 600-800 meters volume 4x200 for example at 85%

friday-extensive tempo 65-75% shorter volume

can you give me some examples of mobility work?
I know I know but my old coach sucked :O)
otherwise, looks like our programs are similar!!