Volume vs Frequency

One group trained once a week and the other group trained three times a week but the total volume was the same…
Is more productive more frequency?

depends on the volume and what the intensity was. too general of a question. but typically if it was high intensity and high volume the 3 times a week would be better.

The group that did less more often would beat the group that did more less often.

That is, if you have a given weekly volume that you are working at, say 3000m for simplicity, then it is better to break this up into three 1000m sessions than to do one marathon 3000m session.

Why? There are at least three reasons. First, while the volume is the same, intensity can be much higher with the group that does more sessions because fatigue is less of an issue.The same reasoning applies on a micro-scale to doing more sets and less reps in your lifting.

Secondly, less chance of injury. There is less running done in a fatigued state and therefore less chance for form to break down and cause an injury.

Third, better learning. It is well established that learning is enhanced if an athlete works in a non-fatigued state and in small doses more often. That is why you always put the skill/form work first in a training session.

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