Volume of Sled Pulls

during GPP if hills are not available than sled pulls can be used as a replacment… my question is how much volume should be used each workout with sled pulls? with accelerations on the track volumes can range from 200-600m but since sled pulls are less demanding on the CNS what is the minimum and maximum volume for them each session? 400-800m?

Sled pulls are more intense then hill runs, for example week 1 in gpp may look like this:



Don’t judge by volume or repetitions.

Judge by what you are using sleds to try to develop in your running.

Then use the sleds up to the point that your running mechanics can no longer hold up well.

Variability will also depend on the weighting of the sled and to an extent also the quality of the surface you run over and, of course, the intensity and distance over which you decide to drag the sleds which, in turn, should be dependent on the purpose of the exercise within your training strategy.

Initially that may be only a few reps in total, so volume becomes very much a minor consideration.

Point number 1 and 3 sounds like auto reg and I really don’t care for that method. Point number 2, the athlete mention he is in gpp and trying to work on acc, I am assuming he’s a short sprinter.

yes im a sprinter 100 and 200m looking to work on acceleration technique… these sled pulls will be in GPP and will be run on grass with 25lbs. i weigh 180lbs and have 10.77 FAt this year so hope that helps… i was looking at starting with 300m the first week and moving up to around 600m by week 8 which is my last week of GPP how does that sound? i will also be using distances from 10m - 30m