Volume/Intensity Balance - Begginers vs. Experienced

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the differences in the volume/intensity balance employed when training begginers a vs. experienced athletes.

This applies to both speed and strength development.

Do begginers have sufficient neuromuscular development to effectivley tax their CNS?

Should higher volume, less intense work be favoured over high quality, specific work in order to ensure intial adaptation, then perhaps shifted toward higher intensity as neuromuscular development and voluntary contraction increase?

In this case, can begginers tolerate less recovery between sessions since CNS fatigue is relativley minimal?

I have certainly had this experience with novice lifters, who will show very little response to traditional ‘strength’ training over a 3-4 month period, and far greater results using a higher volume training program (ala bodybuilders split).

Its all in the Van’02 download an in the forum review ebook!

Has this been discussed before? What can I search for?