Victor Lopez Training Methods

1: Weights
2: Jumps
3: Speed 0-60 (300-600m)

Early GPP:
Day 1:
Weights 3x10-12x40-60%
5x6 hurdles jumps spaced 1-1.5 meter apart
5x4 long jumps 5th rep into pit
15-20x20m focus on turnover.

Day 2:
Field Circuits
4 diff exercises with high knee actions

Day 3: Similar to Day 1

Day 4: Similar Day 2:

Day 5: Similar to Day 1

Early SPP:
Day 1:
Weights half pyramid
Jumps: 10x6 low hurdles, 10xbounding 30meters
Speed: 5x30, 3x50, 2x60

Day 2:
Weights dynamic simple sets
Jumps: 10x6 low hurdles, 10xfrog jumps(5 contacts), 10xbounding 30meters
Speed: 10x30 hills or 10x40 high knee or 10x30 tire drag follow by 10x30 no tire

It comes for an old article by Lopez…doesn’t seem to go in depth with details.

I spoke to victor about this program and basically its HI days followed by tempo days. It’s a killer tho so you will need a
alot of recovery (message etc…)

How is it killer. I had a lot of success with this method.

Yes. In a capable coaches hands this program MAY work. If it is used in the wrong application it can lead to over training/ fatigue. I’ve used this program duing my college years and found it worked great but I did not have the proper therapy/recovery/massage in place. I felt fried all the time until I called Victor Lopez and asked him about that. He said that I needed to work in tempo days and recovery days…

Not knocking the program, just posting my experience with it.

In reference to the SPP these do seem like quite challenging sessions…reserved for well trained athletes and obviously ones who respond well to intensity.

The bounding alone if I am reading correctly 10 x 6 low hurdles, followed by 10 x 30m Bounding would wipe most people clean but to then add on 5 x 30, 3 x 50 and 2 x 60m sprints and then back up and do the same bounding the day after and follow this up with hills…thats fairly hefty.

It would be interesting to hear in more detail from people who have used the method and their thoughts?

These are just the HI int day.
IN GPP, the day 2-4-6 are the low int day…tempo + circuits.
To me, it seems interesting, but the volume seems to high…similar ins ome application to what was typical in Italy under Vittori schemes and followers ( and injuried athletes.)