Vertical training

Hi right now im 16 years old 6’ 3" 170 pounds and i have about 300 days to increase my vert. My vertical is currently about 27 inches standing and 28-29 running. I did air alert about 6 months, but quit cause i didnt want to get any knee pain.

First off i want to get into shape. I want to start running for the 1st month or so. I want to lower my body fat percentage so I can increase my stamina.
I was thinking maybe about taking L-Carnitine to lose some extra fat for when i work out. If you can suggest anything else go ahead.

I’m going to start running and getting a sub 6 minute maybe sub 5:30 mile. My mile time currently high 7 minute mile. So I want to lose some body fat.

Next since ive already done a bodyweight program for vert I want to start weights. I have a membership to my gym where I can go lift, but I have not lifted anything in the past so keep that in mind. I was thinking about doing this program, had another in mind but other was too complicated here is the website for the training program i might do any thoughts on this would be good.

And after I do this program which will take me about 4 months Im going to have some time to do another. Any suggestions for another program after this one would be good. After i finish the 2nd one i will still probably have about a month or 2 left over before basketball season starts so how could i maintain my vertical after doing these programs?

I also dont want to gain too much muscular weight and I want to keep my weight down as much as I can to maximize my vertical

First off do you want to just increase your vertical or do you want to become a better basketball player as well? What position do you play?

Don’t worry about l-carnitine yet, make a post about your diet in the nutrition forum first and get that cleaned up.

Use extensive tempo instead of continuous running to help lose fat and up general fitness. You can search around the site for more information but basically extensive tempo involves runs at 75% or less of best time (best time/.75) done for probably no more than 2000m total in your case and split up into reps of probably no more than 200m for a basketball player. An example session might be: 20*50m tempo runs w/ 10 pushups after every run.

Yea i was going to run about 1 mile to 2 miles everyday less than my mile pace by about 1 to 2 mintues. I want to increase my agility and get quicker feet on the court. But, as with vert training all of the strength and speed will probably come together. As for shooting passing etc. in basketball I can work on that myself. I want to work on my agility mostly and vertical. I want to play either SF/PF/SG any of those positions are great.

Im really looking to start training seriously so all info is helpful.

Too much distance work will kill your vertical faster than gaining muscle weight.
You can’t possibly have very much body fat at 6’3 and 170. Why the focus on running a mile? When was the last time you had to run a mile playing basketball? The key is explosive anaerobic power. It sounds to me like the quickest means for improving your overall athleticism would be to get a base of strength. Use the big, basic movements. Other than that, simply play ball so that you teach your body on a weekly basis how to utilize your new physical capacities.

well every basketball game in the NBA a player on average runs three miles. I understand that this all mostly anaerobic. I can tell you im pretty slow compared to a lot of people at my school. I want to get my mile time to around 6:00 to 6:30 minutes not too fast, but not slow at all. I dont think a mile a day will hurt your vertical. And after all im only going to be running a mile for only about 1 month then after I start weight training im pretty much going to cut running

do u know wut anaerobic means?

Yeah i know that consistent running paces is mostly aerobic if thats what your thinking.

Ditch the long runs. They are USELESS. If you want some sort of conditioning runs, do extensive tempo (search the forum for more info). It’s too bad you used air alert, the program is a joke. You should’ve used that time to get bigger and stronger through compound movements. Increasing your numbers in the big 3 alone (bench, squat, deadlift) will give you a LOT of results. Some sprinting with that and you will be a much better athlete than you are right now.

The mile run is probably useless. I gained about 4-6 inches off air alert. Before I didn’t have access to a gym so I couldnt do waits and a BW program was the next best thing. In my program on the link it has power cleans, squats, bench, Dumbbell Bench Press. I really dont’t want to do Power cleans cause i dont really know the form and technique and dont want to injure myself. Can i substitue Power Cleans with deadlifts? Also should i add any more exercises? Can someone give me some insight onto the program.

Also what results can i expect for my increases in vert with my current stats?

the dr. squat program is pretty good imo…but something customized is always better, and since u dont know power cleans im assuming u dont know push press either?

gains are impossible to predict imo…too many factors

  1. Work on your deadlift/squat form. Go heavy when you have mastered the technique.
  2. Have any major imbalances? (since you are new to weights you probably have a hefty ham/quad imbalance)

So should i do power cleans or can i substitue them with deadlifts and mainly go with deads, bench, squat, front press, dumbell press, GHR, and pylos later on.

if u dont know how to clean, then either learn or dont do them, but learn from a professional and dont just try them out yourself…personally i may have a foundation of exercises to build around, but i wouldnt stick to any concrete set of exercises for my entire program (although u may not have meant that u were doing that)

I love power cleans and snatches, but I am curious as to why there is such an “all or none” mentality with the O-lifts. Are high pulls (clean or snatch grip) not a reasonable compromise? They are both on the strength-speed side of the curve, and probably not far apart to boot. Why don’t people suggest this more?

bc they teach bad tech for the clean and snatch. u should keep the elbows straight not bend them.

utfootball4, at what part of the lift are you talking about? Because obviously you have to bend your elbows in order to finish the lift and catch the bar.

Your arms basically fold under the bar. They shouldn’t do any of the pulling.

Not if you do them correctly. Which most people do them wrong but they’re just as likely to do full lifts wrong.