velocity point

noooooo i got a 12.17 FAT electronic for 100m, first time in my life running this time. DARN it to slow, its a PB from my previous 12.28h from last year. BUt i need it to be lower, sigh.

…ok aside from the times, i ran sick, i got the cold right after track practice the next morning on monday track meet was on saturday, so i’m unsure if i was feeling better would i have run faster. Now its been 2 weeks since i lifted weights. My question is do i maintain or continue to progress if i get stronger. Problem is my speed endurance has suffered from these huge strength gains i acquired in recent months. Do i continue to go heavier and heavier if possible, or not?

depending on your competition schedule; if you’ve started racing for the season, it’s better ease off and maintain; track work should progressively get better and better, just give it some time!

hope this helps!

also, have a look at this

"Explosive power can only be optimized during the maintenance phase of an organized weight program after maximum strength is already in place. The maintenance phase extends the period over which maximum strength can be maintained while allowing the entire organism to super-compensate.

Maintenance phase lifting consists of slightly sub- maximal weights in numbers well below maximum rep capacity. It takes 10 to 12days to rebound, after a 12week maximum strength phase, followed by a 6week super-compensation “window” in which explosive power can be maximized before the gradual loss of strength outweighs the benefits of additional recovery. This concept of peaking is completely alien to HIT."

From Charlie’s latest article on the home page (vs. HIT)

i see, i’ve been on max phase for quite some long time now. 2 weeks ago is when i stopped, then did’nt go for 2 weeks, got sick. Now gonna start maintaining. I see so thats how explsion gets expressed at the maintanence. I’ve been trying to get the 1RM max up training pst 90% of my strength since december. I"ve been doing it for quite some time now heheehe. I maintained everynow and then but no longer then 3 or 4 weeks.

if you run sick how much does it affect your performance, i was sick 6 days prior to the meet, and was still sick till then, and am abit sick as of now. I’m curious if it affected me greatly or not even though i got a PB.

you’ve got your answer in your “question”, you are sick!

have a break…

i know i know but whats strange is, i rested for a good week, then the following week it has been since i did speed training after that i got sick instanteously that night, and it held on and still i have it. Its strange cause i recovered then then i went to track practice that day only to feel worse and out of it, as if i did’nt recover at all, I"m thinking i got DOMS or something

most probably you got back to it too soon; it takes longer than you think to actually be ok again for full capacity training, so be patient!

what do you mean “DOMS or something”? I thought you were sick, as in sick! You mean after your latest session(s)?

just give it some time, seriously; otherwise you’ll go 3 steps back 1 forward…

ok i was doing 40m with partner, he usually beats me by abit cause of his top-speed and good finish, but he catches me at 40 or 50m now, i have’nt improved much at all, i still dont have maxv and top-end goddammit its getting to me you know its getting to me. We do the flying run-ins all that stuff, and no luck, although im improving i think its not smoothly as i thought.

You will find out when you run your first race when fresh and healthy.

Stop worrying about it and concentrate on training. You have a baseline now go about breaking it.

If things arn’t going well there is a reason and it is right infront of you. Everything you need to succeed is already inside you all you have to do is manage the components to take into account your personal recovery limits.

This is what a good coach does. If you don’t have one then unfortunitly you will need to figure it out for yourself. It’s not that what you are doing doesn’t work, it is that you aren’t quite getting it right (volume, intensity, frequency etc). Be patient and it will come.

Top Speed is the most difficult thing to improve upon.

Racing is the only way for an effective feedback.

And you race “on your own”!

Step back a bit of volume before important races and see how your progress is; it doesn’t have to be smooth whatsoever!

Good luck!