Unloading cycle

I have been working with a 11.20 guy who recently ran 10.87, a large pb. This came after a two week unloading cycle

Monday pool

am) speed 80x7
pm) weights 50% 3s10r

Wednesday Tempo 100x4/2x300

Thursday rest

Friday pool

Sat am) SE 250x3@ 95%
pm) weights 50% 3s10r

Sun pool

Given the success of this unloading cycle would it be best to reload or maintain this low volume


Good job! Well, to make a suggestion, we may need to see the previous cycle’s workouts. I would say without looking at anything, that you need to return to the loading cycle, becuase there is a 2 week training effect to any change in training protocol.

Historically this athlete does not respond well to reloading cycles. This athlete can not train for 12 months and run 11.2 , yet after 3 months of training does not show improvements in the 100m time with weekly sessions of

2 days tempo
2 days speed
2 days weights.

During low volume loading cycles this athletes does respond well & show improvements

Reload or maintain the low volume?

We need to know what his workouts have been and what his competition opportunities are. (Good work though!)

If this athlete is primarily a 100m guy, I’m assuming, is it necessary or even very useful for him to run SE out to 250m? I’m interested to know what others think.

It depends on the age. If he’s very young, perhaps the distances should be kept at 150 and below, but, if he’s older, these longer runs (that are easier at the 95th percentile) might be less taxing on the CNS because of the lower intensity and the variability away from the faster work on the other speed days.

Loading phase Dec 23-Jan 12

Dec 23-29 2002

Monday pool session

am) 7x80 9.0,8.8,8.7,8.6,8.5,8.4,8.6

pm) weights Hypertrophy
10x60,10x100,10x140,10x180,10x200 kg
bench 10x80,10x100,4x120
shoulder press 10x40,10x50
pull ups 3s10


am) Pool session
pm) tempo 10x150


cleans 90x5,100x5,120x5
clean pulls 130x5,150x5
front squats 60x5,100x5,140x5
push press 40x5,60x5,80x5
bench 80x5,100x3,120x3,140x3,

Friday (rest)

am) Special endurance
250x4 31,30.8,30.2,29.4

pm) OL
snatch 40x5,60x3,80x3
squats ,80x3,100x3,120x3,140x3,180x3
cleans 80x3,100x3,120x3,140x2

am) Pool session ( used as therapy mostly stretching in 32degree pool)

pm) Tempo 100x10

Unloading phase Jan 12-26

Pbs 26 Jan 2003 10.87

Age 23

Competition dates
Feb 8th, 15th
March 8th
April 19 Peaking
April 25

Todays the 27th Jan, upcoming competitions are on the 8th & 15th Feb.