U.S. Champs

I got a guy who just got home this week from school, and he’s goin to be goin to U.S. nationals. We only have maybe 2 weeks before the meet, and I have no idea what he’s been doin at school. I wanna work backwards and give him about 8-10 days taper before the meet, but is that really applicable since I haven’t been training him the whole year. I don’t wanna train him through the meet obviously. This week is the only week that was scheduled to be high intensity. And next week on maybe Wed, we would start tapering. Any suggestions?

if he has run the U.S. National qualifying time is it safe to say he has been doing everything right up to this point? So i would continue what he had been doing reducing the volume slightly more than he had previously during the end of his collegiate season.

if you dont mind me asking what does this athlete run? i have an idea of who it may be.:slight_smile:

List the travel information and flight times…this might help with the real world part of tapers.

good point Clemson…

Quick, I understand what you’re saying but this guy is oozing talent. He could have gone to almost any school and he would have achieved similar results. Having better facilities and training in a much warmer climate really helped him out. By no means am I saying his coach at school wasn’t a good one. I can’t honesty say, since I have no idea what they did down there. But like you said something had to have been doen right no matter how you look at it.

You have an idea of who it may be ehh?
Well he’s going for the 200m. Maybe it’s obvious now.:wink:

Clemson, i’ll try get the travel info tomorrow.