Tyson Gay beats Nesta Carter in Zagreb

Wind: -0.3 m/s
1 Gay , Tyson USA 9.92
2 Carter , Nesta JAM 10.07
3 Rodgers , Mike USA 10.14
4 Frater , Michael JAM 10.17
5 Saidy Ndure , Jaysuma NOR 10.21
6 Armstrong , Aaron TRI 10.24
7 Samuels , J-Mee USA 10.28
8 Edwards , Monzavous USA 10.32

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Here’s the vid (bad quality…):


I watched this race live and saw the various angles and slo-mo. Gay stumbled out of the blocks, caught Carter but veered into his lane and slowed down significantly to get himself back into his own lane, during which Carter pulled ahead again before Tyson put the throttle down in the last 30-40m and surged ahead to win by a massive amount.

The sprint times were very slow all day, so a 9.92 in those conditions and with that race is extremely impressive.

I’ve always wondered about time fluctuations between meetings…possible tiredness aside, is such a massive difference in performance not a concern or worry to these guys? 9.7 one day then 10.0x/10.1 the next…Did the old cats (Drummond,Mo,FF,Carl,Ben etc)race at meets like the one in Italy back in the day? The conditions didnt look bad and the track didnt look particularly slow…yet the times are a world apart from what most of them ran the other day.

Well I dont know about gay but you have to remember carter just had Massive pb so He should be beat up. Shit he has been pbing for the last few meets. HE should be destroyed.

Carter did run so many races in this days that he is surely tired!
two considerations:
a) rieti’s track is magic (fast, litte altitude, time of race, humidity, wind)
b) he ran 3 days ago with a superb PB!

True…and also the early 9.8x run in Luzern. This guy has had an amazing season considering he pulled up with a hamstring pull in Ostrava in May!! Amazing recovery…full credit to his medical team.

better quality vid


gay is looking seriously dangerous…WOW

gay had slipped up in the first 10 meters and was swirving in his lane for much of it as well. Still pretty impressive considering the conditions