Tyson Beat Bolt

Tyson Gay beat Usain Bolt! Tyson ran 9.84 for the win!


It is good to see Bolt being defeated for two reasons;

1] It will force him to reignite the spark and be sharper in the next race;
2] Gay’s win will reinforce the fact, once again, that runners like him or Powell (and others) can beat Bolt.

Both reasons are good for the sport.

The talk that Bolt was not 100% is rhetoric that some like to use. If he was not 100% he would not have run. He wanted to stay undefeated this season and as such (if he was not ready) he would have pulled out just like Powell (why risk an injury?) knowing well that Gay would go for broke.

Gay ran like possessed! Something he always does :slight_smile:

Check out those crazy eyes :slight_smile:

good to see someone still has sense! Bolt was not originally scheduled to run this meet, he decided to enter the meet knowing full well that tyson was already scheduled to run… in doing so, he was basically challenging tyson, and we saw the result speaks for itself. making sure you’re healthy is part of the sport.

I believe Tyson was better prepared for this meet. I heard Bolt hasnt trained this week at all since coming back from Jamaica on Monday.

He was doing strides and bench press on Thursday.They showed it on swedish tv.

Got a link?

Barbell or machine?

He used a barbell.No link,sorry.

Amount of weight?

Here’s the link

Light close grip bench.


I love Tyson face expression in the video, “these dorky ass dudes”. :slight_smile:

You would think if Bolt did nothing for a week he would be fresh! They have both had injuries. I would not read much into that race. Good racing by Gay. I don’t think all the pre race stuff arounds helped anyone much.