Your favourite track&field books(+medball question)

Hi guys,
Apart from Charlie’s books and downloads which are clearly some of the best around, which other resources on track and field have you come across which are fantastic and you would recommend?

I plan on possibly getting these and am just wondering if people can comment on these at all?

Track & Field: The East German Textbook-Schmolinksy (I did a search of the forum and Charlie said this is a great book to have in your library so I will be getting this).

Sprints & Relays: Contemporary Theory, Technique and Training-Jess Jarver

Track & Field Omnibook-Ken Doherty

Peak When It Counts : Periodization for American Track and Field-William Freeman (I understand this describes the traditional linear approach but may still be an interesting read).

Mike Young/Tom Tellez/Dan Pfaff DVD’s from hpcsport (CoachesChoice DVD’s)?

If I could get any opinions on these it would be great.

Lastly, I searched the forum but couldn’t find much, where does everyone buy their medball’s from? There are so many brands out there that I don’t have a clue what’s good or not. Does anyone know what medball Charlie uses in his medball download?


I have used these and found them to be good

A decent book I came accross by chance in a bookstore many years ago is called The Encycopedia of Athletics. What it turned out to be was a book covering all athletic events published by the Italian Sports Federation. The sprints is based on Mennea’s training but also has a section on training young sprinters, its quite interesting. Never saw it again anywhere, I still have it and will check the ISBN number if your interested. I also have the GDR manual which is also pretty good, but in my humble opinion nothing beats literature and dvd’s produced by the late great CF.

How long it would take to deliver a product to Europe? I wish to order some CF material just wander how long it would take. don’t have CF products and I’m sure somebody ordered who live in Europe

Most (all?) of the products are available as downloads so once the order is processed/payment is received, no physical delivery is required.

I know, I ordered CFTS ebook earlier on. I want Edmonton series which is DVD, just hope won’t need to wait for two month delivery.

From what I can tell it’s only available as a download and no longer as a dvd.

Thanks, I’ve ordered it as a download! I thought it’s like DVD

Jacques Piasenta is a very successful french coach (Perec, Arron and others) with interesting refreshing ideas and exercises which you won’t find elsewhere. Pierrejean has written about him, check the archives.
His latest book Motricité Sportive came out a few months ago. Obviously written in french but with many images and drawings which should get you thinking.

Sweet. Thanks for the heads up. I ordered and will look at the pictures like an infant :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies guys.
AJP, they look like excellent med balls-thanks.
PhilG and martijn, thanks for the recommendations.
PhilG, if possible I would love the ISBN.

Hi its ISBN 0-600-50042-X Actual title is - Hamlyn Encyclopedia of Athletics

Cheers PhilG, I went ahead and ordered it. Can’t wait!