Dayron Robles: Being Cuban cost me hurdles gold

OK Robles has lost it. Liu was bout to pass that ass and win. He thought he would get away with it. He got what he deserved, know matter where the hell he is from.

agree. he took gold from Liu

Clearly everyone knows Liu Xiang should have won gold.

Jason Richardson is the only guy that benefited from this whole fiasco haha. make Robles’ actions look a bit suspicious.

Watch from 2:15. The first 7 hurdles his hand is closed in a fist. He opens his hand up for 8 & 9, then goes back to a fist after having made contact. The height of his hand also changes. I’m not saying it was intentional, as I don’t have an opinion either way. I do think it’s possible however, that he intentionally or semi-subconsciously did it on purpose, but we’ll never know.

It looked like he was trying to slow him down. Like he was purposely trying to grab liu

yes, I am in no doubt his actions were deliberate.

Yeah - it appears to be deliberate.

The trail leg goes over the side of the hurdle.

it was intentional

also against the rules