Typical weekly training routine?

I was wondering what some of your guys’ typical weekly routines are for the 100m. I looking for distance and how many time and what percent and everything. I need this because im going to comprise a new one for myself and this input will com in very handy. ex:

mon - speed
tues - tempo
wed - rest
thurs - speed
fri - tempo

something like this. and by the way, what would be a good tempo day? thanks

i’d go

wed-speed endurance

a good tempo would be 5 sets of 4x100 60-65%

for Speed Days i usually dor so many reps of 30 meters and 60 meters all out. I sometiems do 20 meters and 10 meters with a full recovery. it would go something like this.

5x30-maximum-3 minute recovery,

4x60-maximum-5 minute recovery.

for speed andspecial endurance days it would go something like this.

2x200 special endurance.-10-15 min recovery.

4x120 meters-95% -6-10 min recovery.
4x80-of the same thing
4x100-same thing

remember, speed endurance can be anything from 80-120 meters, so give your program variety.

special endurance can be anything from 150-300 meters. maybe 400 or 500 meters depending on your race.

hope this helps.

P.S. remember, quality over quantity. I would rather take 2x100 at your best (let’s say 11.5 is your best) than 10x100 at 12

what would you recommend for the speed and speed endurence days?

Fabio, I agree with everything you say, but we differ on guidelines.

For speed endurance I go from 80m to 150m and sometimes 200m, but it depends on your rest. If you only take about 8-10 min rest between anything from 120 up to 200m, you are not going to get full recovery, but you will be recovered enough to pump out another full speed run. I usually don’t go over 150m, but I know I can still hit 200m and call it speed endurance. If you give rests over 10 min for everything over 120m (starting at 150m) then you are in Special Endurance because your body is getting enough time to recover. Remember with speed endurance you are trying to, in a sense, see how fast you can go for how long. So if you are getting full recoveries then you are not testing your speed ENDURANCE but rather your top end speed.

I do agree with you on everything else you said, seeing as how we basically do the same type of program. But, you didn’t give him guidelines on volume.

Speed - 10-80m (can get that high or even go up to 150m if doing ins and outs) with a rest from 3-5 min (5-8 if going over 60m) with a volume of up to 600m.

Speed endurance - 80-200m with volume going up to 800m MAX. I usually don’t come close, but if you are an outstanding athlete you can do it. Rests range from 5-10 min depending on distance.

Special Endurance I - 150-300m (I might even go up to 350, over that is Special II…no doubt) with a volume of 600-900m. Rests are usually full recoveries (about 10-15 min, maybe 20 min).

Nothing personal, Fabio, I just thought I would do a little clarifying by throwing in my 2 cents…and playing a little devil’s advocate :devil: !

thanks fabio and 40stud.
But i read in speed trap that charlie would get like 10 mins recovery inbetween speed reps. is that true? and when i do like 6 30m starts should i take like 10 mins rest or what? One of my speed days is something like this:

6x30m starts (10min rest?)
4x60m standing (5min rest?)

I’d reverse that. You probably won’t need more than 5 minutes between 30s for a while but you do need 10 minutes for 60s.
Fabio, what do you do in the part of the season when you’re not doing speed endurance?

400stud, I learned something new today! lol! You did cover what I did cover and more, the speed and special endurance thing i did not know, i think you for that one.

Pete, when I am not doing speed endurance, (which is the competition periods of summer track) I do more speed on speed days such as 30’s 40 yards, and 60’s.

i would variate it by working on what i need to work on more, acceleration or top end speed. if i need to work on acceleration then it would go somethin like this.

4x40 yds.

thats 8 reps of acceleration, not to mention full recovery between sets.

but if i were working on top end absoulte speed i would go

2x40 yds

or else i wouldn’t do the 40 yds.

(i do the 40 yds just to see my 40 times so i can brag to the slow football players that make up our winless team LOL, plus its good for acceleration)

and during competition for the summer, and in my meet scheduling that i get a full open week with no meets, and there is a meet onthe next saturday, i use that open week to train speed endurance a lot.

Glad to be of assistance, Fabio :smiley:

As for rests, I don’g really go over 5 min for up to 60m for I find it to be enough. But in the early parts of training longer rests may be necessary. From 60m up you could go as high as 10min, but if you are fully recovered before then I would get to running before you tighten up or rest too long and start running poorly.

My 2 cents.

400, your post on speed and special endurance really opened my eyes. Thanks

Two questions-

What does your special endurance II look like? Seeing as you are a 400 runner, would it be something like 400-600?

Where do you place the different workouts throughout your season? I’m assuming speed would come before special, but when would one start special? Right now, I am doing an acceleration cycle. Charlie says/said that you shouldn’t do speed endurance until you have the speed. Considering I haven’t even begun to think about top speed, I haven’t incorporated speed endurance anywhere in my cycle. Is this wrong? Should I incorporate some sort of endurance in my program throughout the year? If so, what kind? Right now I am working with distances no longer than 40m.

I’m also a 100/200 runner so my endurance doesn’t need to be anywhere near yours.


Thanks fabio.

My Special II ranges from reps as low as 250 to reps as high as 500. I don’t go past 500 because subconsciously I wouldn’t run fast enough anyways and even 500 is a stretch sometimes. My volume again never goes over 900, though I have gone as far as 1000m to 1200m, but that was before I knew better. I also do things called event runs that are long sprints that help with negotiating different parts of the 400 while tired…mock racing almost.

As for when to incorporate them, you are right to start off with acc. dev. I am starting off with acc. dev. as well, but I need to do less than you before I can get involved in top speed, maxV, and speed endurance work. Top speed work will help you with your 100m when you are coming out of your drive phase into your lift phase and accelerating to “top speed”. MaxV and speed endurance are almost the same thing in my eyes, but MaxV usually doesn’t go past 150m and it only goes that high for ins and outs. You already know my view on speed endurance. I am starting off with 4 weeks of acc. dev. and then going into 4 weeks of gradually coming out of acc. dev. into top speed work (8-week GPP) and then from there I will start incorporating MaxV and speed endurance work. You are right for following Charlie because you definitely need speed before you should worry about speed endurance. I can go into more speed endurance faster because I need it being a 200/400 specialist.

You do need endurance, but I would probably put it in the form of maybe Intensive Tempo. I don’t know 100% about how to train 100/200 runners, but there are many people here who do. My guess would be to work with Int. Tempo 1, maybe 2x a week during your GPP. That’s just my guess. Anyone else have any thoughts?

I hope this helped. If you have any more questions ask away.

Here’s what I think are some good weekly programs:

mon - speed/weights
tue - tempo
wed - rest
thurs - speed/weights
fri - tempo
sat - speed end. or special end. (no weights)
sun - rest

This program seems good for a beginner because you have rest days before speed days, and only lifting 2 x week will allow you to be fresh for speedwork.

Another slightly different version of that program:

mon - speed/weights
tue - tempo
wed- speed end or special end
thurs - tempo
fri - speed/weights
sat - tempo
sun - rest

The only difference between this program and the other is that you have an additional tempo day in the place of one of the rest days. Only one day off per week.

Finally, a more advanced program for a mature athlete who recovers well:

mon- speed/weights
tue- tempo
wed- speed end or special end + weights
thurs - tempo
fri - speed/weights
sat - tempo
sun - rest

The difference between this program and the last is the additional strength training day. I’m not to the point where I can do this yet without it cutting into my speedwork.

I go by the second one and am building up to lifting 3x per week.

The thing I do, in-season, is that one week I will have 2 speed days, 1 speed endurance day, and the next week 1 speed day and 2 speed endurance day. I only do Special I during unloading weeks in which I might even throw an intensive tempo workout in there as well.

I really dislike the first model because I hate sitting for a day and then coming out the next day and going full speed. I get tight and then I don’t run as well.

I also like rotating my weeks becuase it keeps me fresh and keeps me motivated. Doing the same schedule week in and week out gets very mentally tiresome and boring and doesn’t make me want to get out and run. Also with the way I have it setup, it makes it easier to plan around my meets. With the first one you have a rest day on Wed. which is my meets usually, unless you want to run on Sundays, which I WILL NOT DO, then you have a rest day on Saturday which are invitationals or a tempo day on Fri. which is also an invitational on some weeks (never 2 invites in one week).


That is how I was also planning my GPP. 3 weeks of accelerations, 1 of recovery, 3 weeks speed, and than 1 recovery.

After I finish those two cycles, should I move into a phase including all aspects (accel, speed, speed endurance) for another three weeks, or hold it off and take a break? The reason I ask this is because my high school season doesn’t start until late March and I don’t want to get burned out. So should I do the all-around phase right after my speed phase and than take a break, or take a break and than do my all-around?

Also, intensive tempo. I thought this was a no no because,

It caused interferance with the quality of special endurance runs and caused too much volume on the track, as intermediate runs were too fast to be done on the grass. I quickly reverted to a strict separation of speeds, using ever shortening breaks as the means to keep the training challange going.


Charlie did say that it is acceptable during an unloading phase, as you are not really using it for training, and it is an “extreme drop” from high intensity work. But I’m not currently in a unloading phase, as you probably already know. :help:

Am I thinking logically or am I way off? =x


P.S. The intensive tempo discussion I used was here.

I liked reading that thread, thank you. It kind of justified my POV.

So, to clear things up, DON’T do Intensive Tempo work anytime but in the unloading week. It has scientific reasoning to it, and science is not my strong-suit in training. I might even cut back on my Int. Tempo during my 2nd 4 week cycle during the GPP.

As for how to plan, do go straight from acc. dev. into speed work or you will get burned out. I am in the same boat as you in that my season starts the beginning of March. Stay at reps up to 40m for now, build up to reps of 60m the next 8 weeks and then in your pre-comp. phase you can start getting higher reps and more maxV/speed endurance work. You could use an 8 week build up cycle of speed work before getting into longer stuff. But remember, make it gradual. You do not want to go too fast too soon.

Pre-comp. phase you can start incorporating all aspects. But, don’t rotate weeks like I do. Stay with speed 2x and speed endurance 1x during pre-comp. If you decide to rotate then wait until the season starts to do that. Get yourself built up.

Unloading…it’s weeks not phases. you have unloading weeks. Like the 3-1 cycle where you build up for three weeks and then unload on the 4th week. So you should have an unloading week; not necessarily a phase.

Two last things…One…do you have an indoor season or any late winter/early spring type prep meets…two…read my journal and see what I have done and take a look at the comments on it. If you want you can even do the same kind of thing.

Can’t intensive tempo help prepare a 400m runner? I would think that the special endurance workouts would be a lot better if you had done some lactate training prior. You’d be able to do more reps and recover better between them.

Intensive Tempo does help a 400 runner which is why I am doing it during my GPP. After that I am getting more sprint specific during my Pre-Comp. phase in which I will incorporate Int. Tempo and Special I during the unloading weeks.

Doing Int. Tempo during GPP will get the body a little used to lactate accumulation so doing Special I once every 4 weeks after doing Int. Tempo twice a week will not hurt the runner, in my opinion.

Also remember that speed work will introduce a little lactate into the system and when you start incorporating speed endurance during the Pre-Comp. phase there is more LA type work.

400, I could have an indoor season if I wanted. I have not decided whether or not to do it. Reason is, I’m not entirely sure that one of the few places that holds HS meets allow spikes. It says lj, hj, and pv are allowed to use them, but no others. Doesn’t make sense but that’s what is says.

I could probably run an indoor race once every two weeks throughout the indoor season, which I’m starting to think would be beneficial? Thoughts? Would have to sneak into a open college meet here or there… Wonder if that is legal…


Don’t sneak in. I don’t want you to get in trouble.

But, since the meets don’t allow spikes, which is truly retarded, I wouldn’t run at them. Running every 2 weeks probably wouldn’t be beneficial but maybe 1x every 4 weeks might be. You’ll have to see how training goes.

What I would do is test every 4 weeks until you start your competiton phase which should be about January. If you go any longer than that you are going to burn out before the season starts. If needbe, you can throw in a maintenance phase before competition to work on certain things. I don’t know the specifics behind the maintenance phase, but I have started a thread in the Planning and Periodization forum asking about it.

Anything else…just holla.