Two questions...

  1. I’ve chosen good mornings as our primary prehab exercise. I don’t want to push poundages too hard but at the same time I want a training effect. For a girl who squats 80kg for 4 reps and cleans 55kg for 3 reps what kind of poundages might I look for? 3-4x5-6 @ ??

  2. I also want to introduce militaries into a max strength phase having done dumbbell punches in GPP. David W - you were keen on militaries in your excellent strength training round-up but they were nowhere to be seen in your novice training schedule. Any reason why?


Good mornings scare the shit out of me, becuase if you ark your back
the wrong way you could be in trouble. This is why you should not go anywhere near fatigue with this exercise. It is probably the single most dangerous of common weight training exercises in existance.
Anyway I vaguely remnember reading 60 % of what you squat for that amount of reps.
I.e 60 % of 6rm Squat for 4-6 reps in good morning.

However, if this is a new exercise for your sprinters then don’t start with anywhere near that load in the first sessions. They’ll rip tendons behind the knee, (if using straight leg version).
First, make sure they score good in hamstring suppleness test.
Second, make sure they can do the exercise with perfect technique
with just the bar, and then add a few weights each set. Take a few sessions to arrive at ideall training weight in this exercise in my opinion.

Thanks Goose

We’re only at 25kg just now. Like you, I am cautious about the exercise but we have no access to anything other than bars and weights for ham extension exercises - not even a hyper set-up for reverse hypers.

what about romanian deadlifts?

Good call. Tried them once before and probably started too heavy (3x4 @ 50kg) which resulted in stiff hamstrings. Also, there were grip problems, even with hook grip.

Bearing in mind u have no access to hypers (personally I love the
INCLINE hyper )

Then you can do any of the following;

Romanian deadlifts (as stated by athlete__400m)
Stiff leg deadlift (I’m sure this will boost their squat poundages.)
Good mornings
Glute/ham raises (padding under their knees, hold their ankles down)
Power cleans

In my experiance of the above exercise;

Romanian deads; have left the most soreness
Stiff leg deadlift; I’m just naturally good at, love it but not limit strength
Good mornings; Scare the **** out of me but excallent for hams
Glute/ham raises; Have been the best hamstring mass builder for me
Power cleans; allround exercise, but only feel hams working big
when I go down to 2 & 3 rep sets.

Good mornings are not that evil.

Like any exercise, doing them incorreclty with poor technique can and usually does lead to injury.

As long as you are sensible, and gradually work up - you can end up lifting impressive weights.

Westside Barbell love their good mornings (all variations).

Personally, I have done 70kg+ for reps (full range)

However, like everything, you have to way up the pros and cons, and how it fits into your overall plan (bearing in mind performance on the track is the priority).

Westside barbell club lifters tend to have huge waist/girths which prevent them from arching their spine down and getting injured :rolleyes:

I couldn’t resist the cheap shot

O.k fair enough the good morning is not that evill, as u say just be carefull, with the good morning be particularly carefull.

Are good mornings supposed to be done with bent or straight leg?, as the stiff leg deadlift has both versions, not that it made much differance to me.

Goose2, I myself have had better results/carryover to my squat with the bent leg-arched back version. My lower back is strong, and I’m flexible so I have no trouble going heavy w/good technique with this one, 225 for 3RM( heavy for me atleast).

Ontheball, I’d follow Goose2’s advice. Hitting the obliques hard in conjunction with the GM’s will aid in the development of this lift and reduce the occurance of injury as you progressing in weight. I’m not a sprinter myself, but doing these makes me feel lighter when I run sprints.

No reason. Select one pressing and one pulling movement.

I found Doing SLDL’s or ordinary DL’s every other week can help avoid stiffness and CNS problems if ur going heavy .

I Alternate mine with Rev leg press , but u could do the same with good mornings - I always find they hit the back harder than anything else - mebbe that’s just my weakness