Tryout in a month, what's the best way to prepare??

I’m a long/triple jumper (specialize in TJ) and I have a team tryout for University in approximately one month (mid-october is all I know, they haven’t set the exact date yet). So, assume 5 weeks.

I spent last spring doing a lot of sprinting/bounding excercises, and spent the summer basically lifting, but also cutting down some unnecessary body fat. But at the same time, I lost a little strength, and perhaps speed. I haven’t really done many speed sessions at all lately, just general aerobic maintenance to stay “fit”.

Does anyone have a makeshift program/outline I should follow in order to be in the best possible shape (I know the situation isn’t ideal, it’s kind of rushed, but I want to make due the best I can in this situation). I’m looking for advice both with lifting progression, and with any drills/sprinting I should be doing.