Trying to go up to 190

How can i do it without making my self slower?I wanna be a fast lean mean machine

Make sure that you put on lean muscle mass and utilize training parameters which focus on developing relative power.

put on FUNCTIONAL muscle mass, eat well, train consistently and train hard

wish i had ur problem, i gain weight on 3x1@90%

how do i do that?

Putting on functional muscle mass - try some compound lifts and avoid training for “mirror muscles” big biceps and calves are all good and dandy for bodybuilders but as an athlete that is unecessary mass that u dont need, and the weight u gain should be muscle that u can utilize so that u dont lose speed…

Eating well - try writing down everything that u eat so that u can see what u need more of or what u are eating in excess

I feel my arms and legs are a little to bulky right now you know anything i can do to build up my muscles while making them less bulky?or is there any way i can make my muscles smaller but stronger?

Why do you want to be 190? Aren’t you like 150-160 now? The only reason I would try to go up to 190 is if you’re emphasizing football over track, if you want to get faster don’t go putting on 30 pounds. Maybe a more reasonable goal would be 10 pounds or something.

Faster and bigger

Again, why? If it’s football, then okay, but 190 is excessive for a 16 year old track runner whose naturally a bit skinny.

Blaze, what sport are you focusing on?

If you train and eat properly your weight will automatically work itself out. Dont set a target like that.

Personally I would aim to be as strong as a 190 pound lean sprinter in a 150-160 pound frame :smiley:

Think strength to wieght ratio. If you gain the weight make sure your lifts are in proportion to your wieght. Eat healthy and like a horse! As far as lifting goes there are about a gazillion ways and programs to follow. Just stick to the compound lifts and make sure you come back to strength lifting (80-90%) often.

How much do you wiegh now?

I’m 164 and i wanna be 190 cause i would be big enough to be a good football player and athletic enough to play any sport

Why so much wieght? Warrick Dunn is only 175 Napolean Kaufman was only 185. Darrell Green was BARLEY 175 and he was a probowler. He was also the fastest man in the NFL for many years. Deon Sanders is barley 185. The point is that, you dont have to be huge to be able to play. You need to be able to play.

Yeah having a few extra pounds of muscle is fine and dandy but speed is more important, speed kills. The faster you go, the harder you hit. I remember watching a hockey game where this guy who weighed 180 pounds just crushed another guy who weighed 260. How? Because he was fast, and he was strong, not slow and bulky.

Focus on adding mass to your posterior chain whether it’s functional or non-functional. There’s a thread on this forum that shows a direct correlation between the cross-sectional area of the hamstrings and sprinting speed. Image how fast you would be with an extra 10 lbs of muscle on your lower back and hamstrings?

Remember to carb-up large after your workouts to put your body in a more anabolic state.

Do you know where the thread is? I did a seach but I was not sure if i have the right one.


Don’t focus on your arms? Why not, every sprinters needs their arms to drive.

The body is one unit, I don’t see why anyone would neglect any of it.

I think too many people blindly follow the powerlifter’s way, because they say the smell of steel makes you a caveman of godly status. :rolleyes:

If he wants to gain muscle, why not just help him out instead of giving him a lecture? Nobody has set any real reasons why he shouldn’t.

LOL at the ‘functional muscle’ arguement. Put the Brooks D Kubic book down already.