Try to Crack This Case, Bet You'll be Stumped?!

Hey everyone, I’ve battled Patellar Tendonosis/Patellofemoral Syndrome for about 5 years now. I have tried absolutely every method, to no avail. In fact I have tried: Physiotherapy w/ stretches and strengthening, sonocur shockwave therapy, ice bathing, theraband strengthening, Vioxx, Advil, Celebrex, Glucosamine Sulfate/Chondroitin, Cartilanx, Topical tissuegel (European), taping, Jbrace, and even complete rest . Not to mention, I ice every day 10 on, 10 off, 10 on. I have tried ART for my hamstring and it worked great, but it has done nothing for my knee pain. The pain is to the point where I cannot push off out of the blocks or even do a single bound without excrutiating pain. Ultrasound revealed calcification and tendonosis. My season starts in 6 weeks and I want to start prepping as of next week(maybe aqua). By the way, I’ve rested for the past 6 weeks. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. I would be indebted if anyone could crack this case. Anything new anyone has tried?

Too hard with words…I would need to do some movement screen work and some other kinetic chain tests.

yeah I know what you mean clem dog. It’s tough to do anything without actually testing, etc. Is there a clinic that you recommend in Canada or even in the States?! We don’t have very much in terms of phys. rehab. resources. I am willing to travel wherever though, regardless of how far.

Toronto, Tampa, or my town-Boston.

We have a clinic in Minneapolis Mn and we deal with this type of issue quite frequently.

The first thing I would reccomend is have a complete AK evaluation to determine if you are in biomechanical balance or not. My guess is you are not.

A simple test for you would be to lay on your back and raise your left leg up and resist as someone pushes down. If you have little resistance on either leg or both you are out of biomechanical balance and if you are out of balance NOTHING you do will work.

Once you are back in balance I would get a series of ARP Treatments usually 4 would solve your problem

You havent tried everything nightmare, theres always an answer. Try prolotherapy for starters and go from there. Private message me for more info.

an injection isn’t the answer for everything. i think denis gave the correct answer.

Hey Dennis, thanks for a great reply. I was just wondering what AK evaluations are? Applied Kinesiology? And also, who would administer such treatment (Physio/Chiro?) By the way, I tried the simple test you prescribed and had little resistance on both sides.

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I think AK is Applied Kinesiology since he mentioned biomenchanics and Kinesiologits are essentially biomechanists. Also, Dennis mentions some good therapies. When you ice your knee instead of doing 10min try 20min. I usually tell ppl 20min on 20min off X3/day. might be a little better. GL

I had the same thing for a few years. What finally cured it was rhythmic high rep activity like jumping rope in conjunction with sauna and DMSO. This seemed to bring a lot of blood into the area, something which rest and most sprinting activity don’t do. Also diet can make a world of difference. Use buffers to alkalinize your blood and perhaps consider Digestive enzymes like wobenzyme as they can also act to eat up circulating immune complexes which cause pain and inflammation.

Good advice kelly. I think DMSO is very overated. As far as Im concerned there is no proof that it actually does heal the injured are. Maybe it does though. I think it mainly masks the pain and it is dangerous using industrial versions which are about the only thing on the market nowadays. Its like cortisone. Certainly cortisone is. They both might cause some damage. There is evidence to actually show this. And not by fda or supplement company’s trying to make money.I mean actual clinical studies. I know im being contraversial here. But I love to be. However it definenly has anti imflammotory effects. I used it in heeping amounts and it did not help my condition at all, but did kill the pain. So do ibrofren, alieve and other NSAIDS. That doesnt mean they heal. Where are the studies on this. All the studies I have read have not proven anything. Please someone show me so I can except DMSO as my savior. I still believe it was wrong to ban this substance from over the counter use. Ice is far superior. Jumprope, walking ect. Good excersises for rehab. Its better to do something then nothin. You dont want scar tissue forming. Also the sauna is excellent. Getting rid of toxins helps builds up the immune system. But not always good. Sometimes heat can agrivate an injury. I believe Kellys ideas on strengthening the immune system first would be the best place to start. Also try prolotherapy. Why arent people accepting this method. It has the highest success rate of anything going. And it is vertually risk free. A very nice alternative to surgery.

Great post kelly.

Instead of show me the money it should be show me the studies.

Explain Timothy…what do you need?

Studies on DMSO that are not conducted by manufacturers of the dmso product. On the rate of healing of injuries on humans. And whether it not it simply masks the pain or heals it. Also the effects on cartilage, and bone density over prolonged use. I saw a study on cortisone that had horrendous results with equine. This stuff should be destroyed forever. I wish I read it before I took one.

jeez, i know this is an old thread, but i just came across it. Timothy, i’m with you on this…where are the studies on DMSO??? and what are the effects on cartilidge and connective tissue over prolonged use? Admittingly, i use DMSO every so often and sometimes it seems like it helps and sometimes not. Pertaining to this thread, i ahve had some patellar pain and DMSO has not helped too much. But, it has helped with some shoulder soreness i’ve had. Just want to get a better understanding of what you are getting into when you use DMSO…