Tried these ?

Anyone tried falling 3 point starts ?

I hadn’t til today but I found you could get much lower than either of the other 2 done on its own .
Far easier to judge than ordinary falling starts and I was really surprised at the angles I could get combined with the set up of a 3 pointer - much closer to block angles

I spect everyone’s been doing this for years lol

I’ve never tried those before. Sounds interesting, but also like it would be a little weird. From what you’re saying though it seems like they’re not. I’ll give them a try soon, thanks for posting on them.

i cant imagine how you would do those. can you explain?

in a 3 point start you have one hand down hence the “3rd point”.
If your hand is down on the ground how can you fall?

I was envisioning falling and breaking your fall with your hand and legs a bit. Then it makes sense that the downward momentum would carry over to lower block angles if you spring out immediately.

i cant imagine how you would do those. can you explain?

Well - mebbe for a start my 3 point starts might be higher than others - which would account for people biting the track if they get it wrong lol

Basically - I’m doing a 3 point start - and allowing myself to fall forward slightly b 4 flicking my hand up and driving - the drop may be miniscule - but because ur already in a lower position than normal falling starts I’ve found it easier to get a consistantly good angle and be more relaxed than when standing - altho ur supporting urself with one hand u use it as a prop as u lean forward - its almost like slightly rolling forward b 4 starting .

Also - I think the fact that ur hand is there as a support allows you to be braver about getting lower than u would from standing .

Personally my 3 points arn’t any where near as low or fierce as my block starts - mebbe urs are better executed than mine - but I’ve found this technique really helpful .

Have a go and post how u got on - just think of it as what it is - a falling 3 point start - falling slightly from a 3 point position