Transition from blocks to full flight problems

one thing i have noticed of late, particually being full 60’s are now being implimented is.

  1. I can do a block start, or 3 point start rather well
  2. i can do a 30easy 20fast well
  3. i cannot do a 20fast after a 30m acc block start?
    I am not sure if i am still in the mode of accelleration from the blocks and dont lift the hips to let the legs full range of motion? Or if there is something else i am doing wrong?
    I particually noticed it yesterday. My 3 point starts were fine for 30m. Well, at least the 1st 20m was great.
    Then i did some 40easy 20 fast, they seemed fine too.
    Then when i did a 60m from a 3 point start, it seemed i really had to try just to get my legs up to correct height, hip height seemed still low. I really didnt feel like i was hitting the spint position like i was when i was doing the 40easy 20fast. And when you dont hit the sprint positon, it really does feel much slower.
    Perhaps, i was just tired from the work sets before?
    I seem to always feel like this though?
    Perhaps i alwasy feel like that due to the 60’s being last in the program?
    Perhaps i am thinking mentally of the wrong things to do, excutting the 60 from a wrong mind set? Maybe i am running too tight? Driving out of the blocks maybe and not relaxing early enough? Maybe not driving long enough till legs are in full stride then not relaxing?
    What is the mind set of doing a 60m fast? If one has to explode out of the blocks, its a very powerfull position. At what stage do you stop being so “powerfull” and start really relaxing?

Most of the time i turn my brain off when i run, and therefore, forget a lot of what just happened. But if i am to Cue myself at say xx meters, to say, have hips up by now in full stride, i can. (mentally)
does any of this make sense?

In the fundamentals download, charlie tells the athlete he is coaching to not try and run “powerfully”, but think to fast movements - as a fast movement will result in high forces being applied anyway.

Yes, i might just have to make a day of watching the dvd’s again!!

Although i have noticed, if i do that (fast movements) i tend to cut my stride. i never stop tripple extending though. I tend to cut it from going to a high knee position. (too many yrs of middle distance??)
Maybe just slow things down a bit and focus again on technique

Just let it happen instead of trying to make it happen.

im currently studying Ben’s start. trying it out on a couple guys that i coach.

big mistake, ur guys are not ben. that was ben natural starting tech.

Friend, please do some digging and searching on starts and technique first. there is a lot more to an effective start than mimicking the start of another person.

dont jump to conclusions my friend. i have studied various starts. i have coached a 6.70 60m runner so i know a little bit about starts. we are simply trying out his start for fun to see if anyone has strong enough leg power to effetively do it. Marion Jones tried this for a while. she couldnt do it tho. I have a sprinter who has amazing leg strength.

When did marion try to do it? I have seen quite a few of her races and have seen nothing to suggest such. If you read Speed Trap, Ben did this well before he was squatting 600lbs as it was natural to him.

His back strength wasn’t bad either! :stuck_out_tongue:

i think at one point marion was trying to jump from the blocks are at least it did from the angle i saw it from.

yea, she studied Bens start and tried to mimick it. she thought it was working in practice. but she used it a few times in competition, i think twice in the USA and maybe 3 times in Europe and it didnt work as well for her. it was very inconsistent. One race she had an amazing start from it, but it wasnt consistant enough to keep it for her.

Can you point to a particular race because I really haven’t seen this in all the videos I remember seeing of her. Charlie coached her for a bit, so maybe he can chime in.

lets see, im not going to spend an hour finding the clips, so ask charlie if you need to know that bad buddy!

be nice now. lol

lol just tell me what season hot shot because I really don’t see it and I am interested. Maybe I am looking at the wrong years? Didn’t really look like it 2000 or 04, 05,06, etc. Just tryin to find it. Kinda surprised you knew that she was studying his film anyway.

u r silly man - hot shot.

i know alot of things you might be “kinda surprised at”

so what else do you know about her training pure speed?

dude he was at trevor training camp with her back in the day.