Trans. to Outdoor.

After the indoor season has ended and the first outdoor meet is 4 weeks later what should be done in that amount of time? Id like to know what everyone does.

The last 3 weeks of our indoor season we tapered and this is the first week of preparation for outdoor and our first meet is in 4 weeks so we have 4 full weeks of training.

What should be done in the next few weeks. First this week i was thinking about bumping up the extensive tempo and slightly bumping up the volume of my special enduracne since the last special enduracne session we did was 3x120 i was thinking something like 3x150 but cutting the rest a little so we are not going as fast. As for the short speed i am not quite sure since i really wanna give my Nervous system a rest since i havent been feeling that fast lately.

And last of all how about lifting?

If you’re feeling a bit "burned’, you might move to something like 6 x 150 sub-max, with a walk-around (250m) recovery while dropping the short stuff for a week to 10 days. Extensive tempo can be increased for the first two weeks or so. Thoughts?

ok… so an increase in ext. tempo as well as sub max 150’s.
Do you have any suggestions for my other workout of the week since i will not be doing the short speed?

Also what would you recommend for lifting as far as volume and intensity?

Depending on the state of your recovery, you could use several different scenarios for your other speed session, assuming you’re a 100 and 200m man.
How about a few options- remember these are HIGHLY SPECULATIVE and depend on many other training factors, but for the sake of arguement:

A: Still very CNS drained: 150, 250, 150 very sub-max (below the 95th percentile by time) for form only with complete recovery- 12 to 20 min between runs, depending on performance level.

B: Partially recovered after a few days: 120, 150, 120 at 95 to 97% of best time, with complete recovery- 15 to 25 min between runs depending on performance level.

C: Almost fully recovered: 80, 100, 120, 150 at 97 to 99th percentile with complete recovery with breaks up to 15min, 25 min, and 35 min between the runs.

In each case, there is at least some reduction of CNS stress, as starts, pick-up drills, etc are missing (these have been honed during the indoor period), and a few missed sessions won’t affect anything. They’ll be added back later as recovery is completed but only as far as needed to maintain them, since you’ve already spent considerable time on these areas and are better served using your CNS resourses to perfect top speed and speed endurance qualities. THOUGHTS??

thanx for the response… anyone else have any thought id liek ot see what other do in between seasons?

Also… lifting… ?? ?? anyone. Volume and intensity?

With lifting you could maybe go accumulation style, maybe 310 and then 48 the first week and then if your recovered go into 6 or lower rep strength work until the season starts.

If you’re so burned out and not feeling fast, why not take a week to cross-train to get your CNS back up to speed before embarking on fast runs like 150’s and such?