i read in an article in Athletics Weekly that asha phillip only trains once a week for track, and 5x for trampolining, and is world class at trampolining as well. so this made me wonder…

Could trampolining be like some kind of super plyometrics? I guess the other skills needed would help sprinting as well.

never heard of her/him so they can’t be that good. people can get a long long way on talent, and if i could trampoline instead of going to practice i would. no doubt.

are you serious?!

she finished fourth in world junior 100m final at 15, in 11.48.

She possesses great dorsiflexion because of the tramp work…I watched and was impressed at the South of England Indoor Championships.

Well, I used to do it to a similar standrd and at my peak could barely beat her in a race (note I am male) so I can safely say it isn’t a superplyometrics exercise. What it does do is help a lot with co-ordination, rhythm, flexibility, learning to focus etc. That girl is obviously very genetically tallented. I hope she can go all the way.

I read that a lot of dorsi-flex increases ground contact time if you land allmost flat footed, where-as landing with higher heels fatigues the calves earlier.

If she is landing allmost flat footed, it doesn’t seem to hurt her though.

By the way; if trampolining was so good, why aren’t trampolinists comming through to track more often?

I only ever saw one cross-over into track, when former Russian speed skater (Irena Privilova?) wen in to track and won the European indoor 60m title quite easily.