Trampette/Rebounder Tempo?

Just looking at what thoughts are on using a trampette/rebounder (as below) for tempo workouts as an alternative?

I know the basement tempo video gives some information on different ideas so wondered if this would be something that might be considered alongside the use of a bike if other methods/surfaces arent available?

It has good give it it, works the ankles well and is very low impact. You can also do some drill type exercises and running type actions. My wife used one alot during her last pregnancy and is again is making good use of it in the early days of her current pregnancy for some low impact aerobic work.

What are thoughts? Are there any major contra-indications to using one?

Total waste of time for a track athlete to use a rebounder. I nkow, because years ago, I experimented with one. It gave me headaches, and that’s about it.

It is not relevant to running. You’d be better of doing stationary running on rubber exercise matts than on a trampette, for basement tempo. It will also not help with your muscle reflexes as the springs are greatly interfeering with your bodies own natural springs.

I totally agree. I bought my kids one and it’s not the same as running on the grass or a mat.

On the flip side you could use it as I have been using it just as a morning session of abs and core but you would need a big trampoline…

I recently experimented with using a trampette as a substitute for tempo. I found it to be pretty useless. the best use I have made of the trampette is to land on to ease the impact of my plyometric training, but I only really need that because of my shin splints…

Using a trampoline to land on would completely defeat the purpose of plyometrics.

not really. you get the benefit of the explosive take-off, and you can load up with extra resistance because there’s less chance of injury. also, you can probably do a larger volume of it.


something’s better than nothing, I reckon…