Training the systems of 400m runners

When training different energy systems of 400m runners, how do you know what to train when? Obviously SE II goes at the end of the season/peak season and SE I can be done during the season (I tend to use it during the unloading week). But what about other workouts?

Ex: Speed workouts. If you take a 3 min break between reps (20-80m) with a high volume (600m max) than you are training your anaerobic system, but if you go w/5 min rest and only go up to 500m max, you are training your alactic system.

Speed endurance is the same thing. 80-150m reps, 5-6 min rest is anaerobic while over 6 min up to full recovery basically trains the LA tolerance/alactic systems. The volume is higher for anaerobic system than it is for alactic system again.

So, as a 400m runner, we obviously need to know how to run anaerobically, so should I train anaerobically during the loading weeks of my meso and then drop the volume and train alactic systems/anaerobic a-lactic power during the unloading week, or how should I structure it starting with the pre-comp. phase?

Thanks for the help.

What are some good books that talk about the energy systems and how to train them?

thats probably covered in a more general book e.g supertraining or science and practice of strength training etc.

Can anyone with these books comment on the coverage?

IMHO the best info is in the ASCA books and The Science of Winning. my 2 cents.