Training Schedule

Ok could a week look like this?
Day 1-Acc. work, Plyo, Lower body weights
Day 2-SE, Upper Body Weights
Day 3-Tempo, Plyo
Day 4-Warm-Up or off
Day 5-Max V work, Plyo, Full Body weights
Day 6-Warm-Up or off
Day 7-Off

  1. I thought this might be a good approach because it would allow acc. work to be done after two days of rest or 1 day low intensity activity 1 day rest.

  2. And Max V work to be done after 1 day of low intensity work and a day of rest.

  3. I know SE is right after Acc., but as its endurance wouldn’t a small amount of fatigue be ok(any ways you only do 2-4 SE runs)?

Ok so I know the theory of less volume over more sessions, could this same theory be applied to sprinting?

I would remove the plyos from your tempo day. Also I am not so sure about Speed End and upper body on the day immediately after accel work.

Max V work and full body weights might be challenging as well depending on the volumes.

Maybe something like this:
Day 1- Acc. work, Plyo, Lower body weights
Day 2- Tempo
Day 3- SE, Upper Body Weights
Day 4- Warm-Up or off
Day 5- Max V work, Full Body weights
Day 6- Tempo
Day 7- Off


Not enough information here…training schedule for what GPP, SPP, something else? Also, over the course of a GPP, it is likely that your weekly schedule may change as you progress. The GPP DVD gives a nice example of this.

Anyway, from your other posts, I’m going to assume you are looking GPP and as I recall, one of your primary goals was getting leaner. I would recommend significantly more tempo work…probably 3x/week. Also, since you are just starting serious sprinting, you would probably find more benefit by spending more time running and just keep the weights at maintenance level.

This isnt for GPP, I pretty much have that sorted out, its more focused on tempo, core work, and a few hills in order to get leaner. As for weights I do not do too much, I try to keep it at two lifts a day now, with 18 reps per lift being the limit.