Training/Racing block

After a change in coaches I have made some real progress and feel stronger and faster than I ever have before. Technically I have made a lot of changes and this feel much more fluid in my running. The problem is that I can’t convert that training into my racing? I continue to revert back to my ways of my previous coach and I am finding it really frustrating as is my new coach. How long does it take for something like this to become engrained from training to racing? Is there something that I am doing wrong? Do I just need to be patient? Is it a mental thing?

Also I have been racing and during my training week I feel fast and bouncy but on race day I feel really flat like my legs are jelly after a big weights session (which I haven’t). I also rest up more and take it easy and then I still feel very flat. Does anyone have any race day strategies to get you in the right frame of mind and feeling fresher? I know thats a hard one not knowing my training but any help would be great. :slight_smile:

Yes, be patient. The greater the stress of the situation, the more likely you wil revert back. It will take training, repetition and time to ingrain the new skills enough that you will be able to repeat it under any condition. Be patient and you will get there!

Oh, of course another trick is to limit the scope and level of competition in the meets you participate in to reduce your perceived stress…this may make it more likely that you will be able to demonstrate you new form in competitive conditions. Talk with your coach.

Maybe you need to duplicate your training situation for awhile (come into a meet exactly as you come into training sessions that have gone well.

I have run PR’s that way. Adjusting the schedule so say a speed training session would come on a day of a meet. I moved my speed sessions up a day or two to fall on saturdays and a found that on the day of the meet my body was prepared to go. Timing is everything in sprint training.