Training program for o-line!

Hi i have a back ground in sport science and strength and conditioning but strugglying to design a pre season training program for an o-line man! I normally use the linear periodiation but reading alot on the Conjugate periodization! Just wondering which is best and does this system train biceps. triceps, calfs etc.

On the lienar model for strength, hyper and power train what are the best reps/sets?

Which is it you want to know about? Linear or conjugate? If conjugate I suggest you first off read Dave Tate’s 8 keys articles. Links to them are about 1/2 way down the page Here

For a template that I understand has been well received read Joe DeFranco’s Westside for Skinny Bastards and his follow up Part 2 article

I would also highly recommend Joe Kenn’s approach. Get his book!

Just my two cents…

Aside from personal experience speaking with, treating, and training players (I am in physical therapy), one of the most sound pieces of advice related to training the offensive linemen came from Charlie’s Forum Review.

A few of the questions regarded training for football, specifically fullbacks, lineman, et cetera. Contained were estimated distances for speed work, ideas about explosive medicine ball work, and a bit more.

Do not entirely rule out a form or forms of martial arts. I have observed Coach Myslinski (Coach 62 from Elite Fitness Systems), and had the pleasure of speaking with him often, and his positive experiences with forms of martial arts cannot be ignored.