Training Program,First Thread, Old CF follower.

Looking for help. Sort of making a comeback.
I have a 100 meter race last week of April.

Current Program
M-6-8x60 standing 6.6’s
Wts- Bench 1 drop set starting at 315
T-Tempo-1000-1200 meters 100&200
W-Speed End. 2x150- 16.5 dying
Wts-Quater squats-455lbsx3-4 reps
Th. Tempo same
Sat. Starts and flying 30’s-3.1
Struggling thru the last 3 weeks
Woud like in include pylo’s for speed.
Looking for program feedback and a pylo prog. to add. Maybe some EMS
I have a way to go.But feel I can get 2.8, 15.8 and 6.4 standing looking for a 10.7-10.8 elect.
Been following CF since the 90’s.
Feed back CF

You say you’re an “old” follower. How old IS that?

Well Mr. Francis,

I first read your book Speed Trap in 1994. I am 38 yrs old. Coached by Dacre Bowen. I actually spoke with you a few years back. I got your number from the Isorobic Ex. guy,. not sure if you remember.
I bought your training for speed manual. I have been waiting for you to produce more info.
I have been using your principle since I first read the book. I think Gerald Maach (sp?) was Dacre’s coach.
I stumbled on to your sight through an assignment for Grad School a few weeks back.
anyway. I am fairly retired I represented Am. Samoa in the last two Olympics, but I didnt fo very well. Inj. and I was forced to travel, etc.
Anyway, i have read alot of material and tired several programs over the years and you are the man.
Can you help me with my program? The race for the Fastest Man in Hawaii is in April. I have won it 5 times and I want one more. I figure I need a 10.7 elec. Maybe a 10.8 But a 10.7 should be a walk

Hope you don’t mid - I “found” you:

Cool, Good luck!

thats me. And i sucked it up. My training was so inconsistent. I got inj. in April and I never recovered.
I think thats it for me. Unless Charlie can get another 10.5 or 10.4 out of me.


I remember now. I think you knew Duncan MacDonald as well. The first thing I’d suggest is get up to speed with the CFTS and Forum Review in E-book form. They’re cheap and will help you get an initial plan mapped out. Ater that you can post some rough ideas and we can try to sort something out

Yes! That would be very informative for the forum! A comeback is always interesting…

Hope it goes well!

I ordered the Forum review back on 2/11 but its still pending.
I ordered the CFTS. Which I had for years and then lost it in a move.
Anyway, I am doing the program posted.
Ran 8x60’s today all standing and all 6.6’s
Then did squats 405lb 4x4
I would like to add plyos, but not sure I can handle the load.

Hey Charlie I saw Duncan the other day, he says he is old. I think he said he was struggling doing his repeat 200 in under 33sec. Both his daughters are competing, 800/1500 one at Oregon one at Stanford i think.

My approach at this point is to get my flying 30’s down to at least a 2.9 (3.1 now) and break 16 in the 150. I feel like I can do 6.4’s in the standing 60.
There may be some races, but there are either not competitive or they are against the 1 or 2 competitors that will be the main comp. for the big race.
Any thoughts?

You don’t have a whole lot of time to change the approach you’ve used for so long with only 6 weeks or so to go. How many preliminary races will you have (you should look for 4 or 5) before the big event? Race events are needed but shrink the time available for training changes.
I’d look to step up the amount of therapy you can get- massages etc first.

March 5 100 & 400 avail
March 12 100 & 200 avail
April 2 100 & 400 avail

Right now these are the only schd. races.
Also should I do time trials?

There is a bit of a problem getting quality massage, but there are few.
Should i run multiple races?


Given the short time-frame and the training you’ve described, I’d stay out of the 400s and do the rest.

sorry, didn’t know these when posting on your journal…

good luck on these!

Wow, you ran next to (behind :smiley: ) Asafa running an easy 10.06 in the heats… that must have been something. You set your blocks next to Jason Gardener, that must have been unbelievable. Even if you had no chance against them to just hang around the big boys for a few minutes must be out of this world… good luck with your comeback.

Actually from a spectator standpoint I was more excited about running next to Donovan in 2000, we even had a conversation after he false started you can see it on tv. I was mad at him because he blew my great start. I then lost it on the actual race with a bad reaction of .25 I avg. .16. ANd my prep was blown with an extra race added at the last minute by my National Olympic Commt. I should have ran a 10.5-10.7 and I didnt.
Then I was inj. in prep for Athens, but I still got the nomination.
It was fun. I just wish I had performed better in one of the Olympics.

Help please
I was wondering if I should add EMS to my training even though I race on April 30th.

I think my current program is showing fairly good results.
M-10x30 3standing 3 flyng 4 blocks
T-Tempo 1200 meters
W-5-8 x60’s squats
Th-tempo 1200 meters
Sat-80’s and 100 or race 100 & 200

Trying to get weekly massage
So where would I add and then go off of EMS, and which days. and would it benefit me at this point?

It’s too brief a period IMO to add EMS to the program except in a pulse mode to facilitate loosening up and increased blood flow.

Thanks CF. Thats what I thought.

Best of luck! Looking forward to hearing the results!!