Training, planning, programming (Free article)

I gave the pdf version of the article to James Smith and Jim Wendler and I hope they will post it on their sites in due course, so please check at and from time to time…
If you are in a hurry I can re-send the article to


Would be great.

Here it is… Enjoy!

Thank you very much, duxx.

I appreciate it. Ever thought about making an own homepage? Doesn´t have to look professional, just look at madcows geocitypage. If you have stuff that you wanna share for yourself, why not.

Tnx for the idea… I was thinking on something like that for couple of times… I will check geocities! Thanks


I created domain and I will start building home-page in due course! Thanks!
How many room do I get at geocities?

Here is the adress:

You get 15 MB Webspace.

But there is also

Which services will I have access to once I am registered?
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Lycos Tripod registration gives you access to a complete range of hosting and web building tools, including :

* 50 Mb disk space,

* Unlimited bandwidth and file size,

* No knowledge WebBuilder tools

* FrontPage 2002 support

* PHP 4 support with a complete MySQL database

* Complete and detailed statistics about your website visitors

* and many other features and tools to build or improve your website.

Once registered on Lycos Tripod, you also have access to the complete range of Lycos services, tools and communities. This includes access to your personal mailbox:, online games, chat and dating communities, and much more.

Dont know much about that, but i these are the webspaces i have seen from others.

The article is now aviable at James Smith’s website Here is the link. Thanks James!