Training, planning, programming (Free article)

Here is my latest seminar work regarding training, planning and programming using some cybernetical principles etc.
Training, Planning & Programming

This seminar work was stole by my teacher and published in his newest book as his own words :mad:

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Anyone read it? Any feedback?

With regard to the cybernetical model, what defined factor(s) represents the athlete’s confidence (or better yet - doubts) in the training - based perhaps from MD results? Do disturbing factors include psychological/emotional states that contribute to lower performance measures? Can you explain more the “biorhythm” factor?

If I understood the question correctly, then the answer would be:
Athletes bahaviour (performance) is the integral reflection of his internal state (preparedness, emotional status, character) and external environment (judges, opponents, watchers, etc). Measuring device “measure” the performance (altought I mentioned in the text that the internal state can be measured too) in integral fascion, or summation of external and internal factors. Confidence (or doubts) are internal factors (contribute to performance in HUGE amount; thus you can do PB only if you BELIEVE you can - you are what you believe what you are) that can be “twitched-started” by external stimuly (crowd, mum saying something stupid, journalists etc).
So, emotional/psychological states are NOT external disturbing factors (from the enviroment) but they are “twitched” by external influence (if the athletes allows to be twitched). They are internal factors (psychological preparedness). Or in other word, nobody cannot piss you directly, only you can get your self pissed-off because you allowed to piss-off to external stimuly… I hope you get this one :slight_smile:
In cybernetics there are two type of protection from external disturbing influences: passive and active.
Passive protection dont need for any controlling actions, while active protection calls for controlling actions (coach in this example) to maintain desarable system behaviour…
Psychological preparations “builds” passive protection (the athlete is able to maintain deseribale behavious-performace in disturbing environmet without coaches intervention). I hope I cleared this a little bit.

Regarding “biorhythm”,
Biorhythm is NOT individual factor, but rather a property of all other factors (fluctuations in working capacities etc), which shows natural oscilations. The example are strength levels in the morning, evening etc. There is no fatigue involved but you still got some oscilations. This is natural thing due hormonal oscilations etc.
Note that you can change those oscilations, but in the same time you must adapt to those oscilations. The example for chanigng them is the trainng session in the same time of day when the comp occur, thus athletes adapt to perform maximally at that time of day! If you train every day at 8am and the comps are at 2pm, thus you are not preparing 100% for comps. This doesn means that you should train all the time in the time of day when the comp occur, but rather to allow some period of time to “re-program” biorhythm… I hope I cleared this one…
thanks for the questions!


How would a coach in basketball, soccer or even american football have their teams peak or perform in “sports form”? Would you check the biorhythms of every player? Would you use the Omega Wave Sytem to prepare the workouts or some type of system? I know the the old USSR system they were big into develop annual plans to have their teams to peak for competitions however I remember a coach saying that the old USSR hockey and basketball were the best conditioned and skilled teams he ever seen in basketball and hockey.

Everett, this is a great question, altought I don’t think I am able to answer it (lack of eperience that kind)…
Did you read “The sport form phenomenon” at
Anyway, team sport form is bigger then the summ of individual ones… So you can peak different players at different time not all of them at once…
Sport form and birhythm are not the same… there is also a performance fluctuations during the state of sport form due biorhythms… I dont know how would OW help here because I didnt ever see it or use it, maybe pakewi could give some infor regarding it…
When looking to sport form indicators you are looking at performance, or % of PB achieved. This is little harder in team sports, but good coach have the “eye” to see it…
We can only use general principles from East Europe, saying that ratio between GPP and SPP means usage leads to sport form, maintains it and breaks it… So you as a coach must find specific durations and specific ratios between GPP and SPP to peak at a given moment…
I hope it helps!


Yes I did read the the “Sport Form” at Elitfit. I have been waiting for another article on it. My question to you is this. If we take training and wave along with SPP and GPP and you Watch with the “eye”. Shouldn’t we be able to chart it with performance like with flow charts. Also by using the “Omega WAve System” or some other type of system could we use percentage of players peaking at the right time to excell in game situations.

Duxx do you have any annual training plans used by the old USSR in soccer, basketball or hockey. We could then analyze their annual plans.


Sport Form is a state of unity/harmony between technical, tactical, physical and psychological preparedness. It is easy to measure 100m run and decide is the athlete in a state of sport form based on % of previous season PB, but in bball and any other team sport how would you measure:

  1. Technical preparedness
  2. Tactical preparedness
  3. Psychological preparedness
  4. Their unity!!!

I dont think OW will be of much help in assessing the state of Sport Form altought players will show faster recovery rates (Koprivica) as one of the signs… I think qualitative evaluation of their performance by expericed coach is much more imprortant! So forget about flow chart :slight_smile: It is easy in more measurable sport like sprint, but in team sport it is (allmost) imposible to chart something like that!
BTW, I dont think that OW or any other system can show you the peaking level… it may show you some other stuff and you, based on them and your obervations, can evalute the peaking state (sport form)…
OW have no power to say is an athlete in a sport form state because it cannot asses technical/tactical and psychological preparation… It can be only helpfull with psysical preparedness evaluation…
But these are just mine thoughts


I dont have any annual training plans in USSR soccer or bball, but I will try to get some…

In mean time take a look at the model I proposed before one year… I would change a lot of stuff there now, but this is another article hehe. I think you will get the basic theory underlying!


What would you change in your annual soccer plan? Are you going to do any more articles sport form?

I have looked at this before?

I would love to see the annual year round modeLs of both soccer and basketball. My daughter and son play soccer and coach basketball. Could you send me PM when you get them.

Thanks for your interest Everett!

I don’t think that I am going to write something new on sport form, because I am not an expert to do so… I could ask my teacher prof. Koprivica to expand if he have time (which I doubt, he have some viosion problems and he is writting another book), something more on ratios GPP/SPP etc…

I have to write year plan/system for bball for my Conditioning II course for faculty, so when I finish it I will have it translated and you will have it… Altought I must warn you that I still lack great amount of practical experience!

I will not expand on what I would change in soccer model, but you will see new “stuff” in bbal model I am about to write.

If I get some annual model/plan for bball and soccer from Russian’s I will PM you!

BTW, did you read the new manual from James Smith regarding annual speed development in team games at He outlines some annual models that can help you, or give you some basic idea…


I would like to thank you for your work. Please keep us abreast of what is going on. I look forward in reading your basketball plan. I hope you can find me those annual plans from the Rus. I think they could of real value. Please keep in touch!


Did you get my PM regarding your daughter and son training? I have send you my opinions before two months, but I think moderators “killed it” becasue a advertisment I put unintentionally… I have re-send you whole letter again but you didn’t responded…
Did you get it?

I got your PM Thank you! Please stay in touch. How are the Russian manuals coming?

As soon as I see my teacher,I will ask him regarding Russian “manual” (read: training plans or systems)

Thanks Duxx look forward talking to you.

Could you send the article to my e-mail?


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