Training on the Beach

Hi Charlie,
here, where i live, traditionally we go to the beach during the vacation, ( about 3 weeks starting on dec30 to jan15 )
so, this is my first year as a sprinter,
i didn´t receive the GPP DVD yet but i´m doing some basic drills & sprints & plyos & weights…
I´ve reard and read in your books something about run in a sand surface ( beach ) but i don´t know how much this kind of train is diferent from train in a track,
just what i´ve heard is that the sand is a little hard for muscles than a track surface,
what kind of train may i do in a place like this ?
I´m thinking something like:
Short Sprints - 30to40m and 20m hard+20m easy+20m hard (95 to 100%)
Medium Sprints - 80m ( 90% - 10s )
Speed Endurance - 200m ( 80% - 35s )
and what about some starts with tire ? ( i don´t used yet )
One day for each kind of train at temperature of 25º C ( 77F )

Any special comments ? Kind of shoes ? Tempo ? Tips ?

Ok Charlie,
i´ve just found this answers about runing in a sand surface,
i figure out,