Training on Christmas Day?

Just for a curious question…who plans on training on Christmas Day?

i do

not this year, but that’s only because Christmas falls on a Saturday :smiley:

Yeah I planned my program to have this as a rest day … I am working though!

Just finished, gym in the garage and sprints on the beach rule :smiley:

I am, just got done with some christmas eve sprints. Tomorrow I have tempo, gpp circuits, and a heavy pull/push day

I also plan to workout tommorow…

I am competing Sunday. I normally would go do my premeet stuff starts/LJ appraoches the day before but my facility will be closed. Oh well. It was closed today also which really sucked. SO maybee I could use the 2 days off as rest and ill be super fresh for my meet. I’m actually not one of those people who need to move around the day before a meet or they’re tight. It actually seems to make me feel fresh. I guess a little CNS stimulation is alwasy good but I guess This week ill have to do without it.

i will if the gym is open

we;re taking the 25th off but the 26th we’re going full practice

Way back in my bachlor days and as a newlywed I used to train on Christmas Day. Used to go to this hardcore gym that was open every day of the year. (More about that place at a later date.) Now, I’ve got 15 years in, 3 strapping young bucks, today I’ll watch them open gifts, have another helping of breakfast sausage, maybe split some wood for an hour if my back feels up to it. Get back at it on Sunday. Merry Christmas.