training for the 400m

Hi everyone,
I’m pretty new at this sport, started competing last February my sophomore year in college after deciding that I don’t want to play college tennis any more. Last year I ran the 400m (61.46) and occasionally the 200. This year I’m aslo getting ready for the long jump, and indoors (starting January) I will be running the 500m and the 4by4 relay. My goal is a 58s in the 400 for outdoors (never ran the 500m, so I don’t know what my goal is there). I’m in much better shape than I was last year at this time, so I’m hoping for good results.
This is what the last two weeks’ workout looked like: (note: we run on an indoor 165m track)

Mon (nov.10) 3660m, 1400m, 2-3min rest between every run
(660s ranges from 2:08-2:12, 400 about 73sec)
Weight room: 53 hang lean
5 lunges, super set with 410 split squat jumps
8 curl and press, super set with 45 pull ups
10 glute and ham raises

Tue plyometrics/ jumping
4.5mile run

Wed 10200m (30-32 sec) with 100m walk between
Weight room: 4
5 squats, super sets with 410 box jumps
6 front jerks, super set with 48 rows
15 hip extensions, super set with 3*8 3-way arm rises

Thu 4*330m, 2-3min rest between

Fri 300-200-100-200-300, about 2min rest between
Weight room: 53 hang lean
hallway lunges(about 25m forward and backward)
super set with 45 chin ups
8 DB press on the big ball, super set with
312 side arm rises and 38 single leg hypers

Mon (nov.17) 200-200-200-400
200-400-400-400(but coach gave us the last 400
(walk 150m between runs, 5min between sets)
(the 200s were at about 30-32sec, 400 at about 73-75)
Weight room: same as previous week

Tue Plyometrics/jumping
5 mile run

Wed 5*500m (2-3min rest)
Weight room: same as previous week

Thu Plyometrics/ jumping
12*150m hills (walk 150m between)

Fri hard 1 mile
Weight room: should be same as last week’s but i didn’t go!!
(too tired from the stupid mile )

I’m waiting for your comments. This is my first official post, so please impress me

I need some feedback!!!

First of all welcome to Stefanie!!! I hope you enjoy your stay. Now then, here is a general outline of what to do every day. . .

Mon./Wed./Fri. - speed and or very fast workouts
Tues./Thurs. - slow, tempo work

If I were you I would not do the plyos on a day after something fast/hard.

You don’t seem to be getting sufficient rest on the days that you seem to be going fast. Unless you are doing Intensive tempo work (which I doubt you are) then the recovery times are way too short for some of your workouts.

I’m being a little general in my feedback because I am not sure what days you are doing fastruns and what days you are doing tempo/slow runs. Clarify that for me and I can help more.

Oh and don’t worry, you’ll have a lot of posts/help very soon. Just give everyone time to reply.

One more thing (just curious). What school do you attend?

Thanks for the reply, DaGovernor!!!

My school is University of Hartford. It hasn’t been big in track (i’d say not at all), but this year we have a promising team and we’re even in the process of building a new track on campus :slight_smile: .

We only have a limited amount of time with our coach every morning (about an hour and 15 min) on the track (she has a full time job to go to right after), so we try to finish our workouts in that time, which I think is why we don’t get enough rest. To be honest, I’m not sure which days are tempo and which days are fast. I’m assuming tempo runs are when you go slower, at about 65%? My problem is that I can’t run with percentages, I like to go all out, and my coach yells at me… :confused:
But in general, the days that seem to be intensive tempo are usually mondays and wednesdays, when we do longer distances (300-600) with not much rest in between. Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays are usually shorter distances, but the amount of rest seems the same.

I hope I was clear enough!

How many week have you been on this program for? To me it seems like there is an awful lot of intensive tempo and no acceleration work or true speed work.

Hello Stefani and welcome! I agree with Quikazhell that some true speedseassions are missing.
I know that probably this is your general prep-phase…but in my mind you should never go too far from speedwork during any phase.
So I should at least stick one speedseassion in your current program, and that would be on mondays or day i in yuor program.

Take care mohikan…

How many week have you been on this program for? To me it seems like there is an awful lot of intensive tempo and no acceleration work or true speed work.

I’ve been on this program for about 3 weeks now. We’re at general preparation phase now, and will be doing a lot of speed stuff starting January. Starting next week there will be speed runs (up to 60m)on Tuesdays and Thursdays after plyos and jumping drills.

I agree with everyone else that you need more speed work in your program (I actually had the same problem in my training program). You also have way too much intensive tempo (fast stuff with little rest. You only need intensive tempo for short period of time (about 4 weeks). Do some acceleration development on Monday’s (starts, etc.), extensive tempo (slow stuff with little rest; can be any distance you want) on Tuesday and Thursday. If you have been doing intensive tempo for 3 weeks already then do it for about one more week then move on to some speed enurance workouts. If you need any more help we’ll be glad to be of assistance Stefanie!!!

If you’re in GPP, then where are the hills and such? Very good for base building rather than fiber-converting Int. tempo

Thanks 400, forgot to mention hills. VERY important.

If you’re in GPP, then where are the hills and such? Very good for base building rather than fiber-converting Int. tempo

I did hills last Thursday: 12*100m, with 100m walk between. Should I do hills every week?
Da Governor, what kind of workouts are speed endurance? I’m assuming running fast with plenty of rest between reps?? How many reps?

Tell ya what. Give me your email address and I’ll email you a listing of every phase of training. It has the types of training, percent of intensity, recovery times, etc.

I would appreciate that
My address is: