Training for the 400-800m

Hey I havea friend who came ot me for training advice to get better in the 400-800m here are is PB’s etc…

Training Age-I don’t think he has had any “real” speed training etc
weight PB’s not too sure…i don’t think he lifts that much

So does anybody have some advice on how to set up a good off-season workout schedule for him to get better in the 400-800m? thanks for the advice!

Cross country is a good off-season sport to participate, however, if he’s not intersted in XC then I would recomend something like this

1 long run (easy finish)
2 recovery run
3 Tempo run/Hills
4 Recovery run
5 Longer run (harder finish)
6 rest (short recovery run)
7 rest
This is what I would recomend if his primary event is the 800m. It will give him a very powerful aerobic base. A base that will benefit his in-season training tremendously. If he wants to do weights, then weight sessions on days 1 and 3 are an options, however, hill sessions on days 3-6 are perferred.

However if the 400m is his primary event his workouts should look something like this:

1 Intervals/Ladders (track work)
2 Recovery run
3 Tempo/Hills
4 Recovery run
5 Long run
6 Rest (short run)
7 rest

2-3 weeks before the season starts days 1, 3, and 5 should include some weight work. Basic squat/bench/powerclean lifts. Start light with high reps, in the 8-10 range, then move to heavier stuff in the 4-6 rep range.

With the times he’s got, it looks like he has a lot of growth to do in both events, and that he’s equally proficient in both. How old is he? What are some of his other PR’s? Would he rather run a 1500 or a 200?

*note: Tempo runs for distance guys is not the same as it is for you sprinters! I’m talking about 4 miles at a steady fast pace. This is a HARD workout.