Training for that killer 100

Hey I have ran a 10.7 best 100, but my form sucked and i slowed down at the end. I think as a frosh this year I can pull down to a 10.3x. Anyone know what indoor events will help me work on 100/200? I’ve also done a 22.2 best. I need help with 400. Only 54.

The 60m dash will help.

ok what should I do to work on block works and keeping full speed to finishes?

I’m not a 100m specialist, so it’s hard for me to say, but I would recommend doing blocks for your warmup accelerations (I do warmup accls, I don’t know if you do, though), and on most days when runs are under 60-80m, you could do blocks.

You don’t want to jump right into blocks, take it slow, but doing a lot of your short speed stuff in blocks should be alright.

Again, I know less about the 100m than I do in the 200m and 400m (my specialties), but that is my suggestion.

Anyone else?

Here, read this…

What would you say about the 200 then? I probably won’t do the 400 for sectionals, but I may go with my team to state for the 4x4.(i’m a very depended on sprinter on my team) so I guess I’m asking about the 400 too. Can you give me something to train under all those events?


If you want to be an all around sprinter, you will need to improve your speed endurance. Based on your 100m times, you should be able to run the 200 in sub 22 and 400 in sub 50. In your case, special endurance is in high order. More specifically, you need to run 300m S.E. in around 34-35s to develop the type of endurance you need to run sub 50’s.

If you just want to improve your 100m, you can work on improving top speed (50-70m work), and/or endurance (80-120m work).

In your case, I believe endurance will show the most benefit, you can always fine tune once you improve your endurance.

Exactly. I suggest, during the Pre-Comp. and Competition phases of your year (if you phase and cycle) to rotate b/t doing speed/maxV 2x a week/SE1 1x a week, and the next week go Speed Endurance 2x and MaxV 1x.

Wednesday - SE1
Friday - Speed/MaxV

Next week:
Monday - Speed Endurance
Wednesday - MaxV
Friday - Speed Endurance

I like this and have even used this (before learning more) to help me out and after doing this for a few weeks my 100/200/and 400m times all dropped significantly. So, it works.

But, there are different ways to address things. This is just one way. If you want to be a pure short sprinter while running the 4x4, work on MaxV and speed endurance, if you want to be all-around, emphasize both a condsiderable amount to ensure all qualities get good work on them.

Yeah…problem that may be solved. I did my first 300 last year in the very first practice in 39. There’s a stud on my team who can probably run 47 now but he doesn’t try. He cruises 54 most of the time. 39 300 = 52 400 (how the heck did I get 54 in a meet?)

It’s possible that you went through the first 200 way too fast, and due to a lack of endurance you came ‘home’ a lot slower than whaht you went out in. Or it may be a simple case of not knowing how to run the race…

I go with the 2nd choice. I’m not trying to put anyone down, because I’m kind of the same way, but the 400m is a more tactical race than people think and running it efficiently and strategically is the only way to get the best results. Just going out and running will kill you on the homestretch.

so is it a matter of power running?

What the hell do you mean by “power running”?

going 80-85% of the first 200? I’m not so sure myself.

But having said that, most of the top guys take it out reasonably hard over the 1st 200 to set them up for the home straight. So ideally you would go throught the 1st 200 between 1-1.5 seconds slower than your 200 pr, that way you hopefully won’t die a savage death on the home. At least that’s my take on it.
Though the most important thing is to maintian relaxation, because if you don’t you’re a gonner by 250…

That’s one strategy. I will post mine later…yet it is similar to that.