Training for speed book question

I noticed today that there is a paperback copy available currently on ebay. I know that sells an ebook version but I was wondering if the ebook is an updated version of the original print copy since I recall charlie saying on t-mag that he would one day update his training manual. Is the print and ebook the same or different? If not I think I would prefer the luxury of a print format.

Buy the hard back copy.
The ebook is the same as the hard copy.

However :frowning: It comes out to about atleast 60+ dollars US. Its currently 15 GPP, which results in 30 dollars American, then look at shipping for outside, unless you’re willing to wait for 2-8 weeks, shipping costs 30 dollars. What a ripoff!

Supply and demand. Now that the book is out of print,the supply is very limited. If you think that’s an outrageous price, try getting a copy of Dan Inosanto’s book on Filipino Martial Arts. It originally retailed for $15 US and routinely sells for $150+ on ebay and other sites.

I think you should get the e-book. The following reasons why:

1)You can always cut and paste out of the book and enter that info into a word processor to highlight specific things that Charlie says that you want to emphasize on.

  1. If you are a coach or trainer or consultant, etc, you can always print some stuff out and give to yer clients to read, etc

  2. If you are giving a presentation to a company, athletes, or parents, etc, you can hook yer laptop (assuming you have it on a laptop) to a projector and have it running in the background while you lecture.

  3. Last but not least, its cheaper!! You don’t have to worry about delivery charges or have to deal with third parties (delivery Co.). If something goes wrong, just send an email to Rupert/Charlie and I’m sure they would be glad to help, just do a search on this forum and you will see that Rupert goes out if his way to answer people in the “public” forum to demonstrate his committment to members of this board.
    And since its cheaper, we all know that you can always save some $ to put towards other necessary things, ie, massage, chiro, supplements, etc.

However, having said that, the only disadvantage I see with not getting the hardcopy, is that you can’t get Charlie’s autograph on the e-book. As well, the hardcopy, does sort of look nice on your shelf displayed like a trophy; but when you really think about it, the only trophies that should be on your shelf, are track medals and trophies that you won b/c of Charlie’s help and knowledge. Who cares how it looks on your shelf, the important thing is that you understand what’s IN the book and use Charlie’s startegies and philosophies.

Well said.

I have bought e-books before but hate reading while on a computer and while you can print off hundreds of pages and bind them to make your own paperback it is nice to get something professionally constructed which you can read anywhere without it falling apart due to poor printing paper quality.

Out of interest what happened with the plans to update the speed book which Charlie mentioned on t-mag many moons ago?

Considering the price - yeh - Vito’s right - go with the ebook.

I got mine for something like 20 US$ so it was well worth while.
I also had the ebook for 2 or 3 years so I knew exactly what I was getting.

However I do love being able to lift the hard copy book down and flick through it (both it and Speed Trap) when I want.

P.S. For a book that gets stolen out of every library I would rather buy the treasure with all the nice trimmings, IT IS A TROPHY THAT I KEEP IN PLASTIC ENCLOSURE WHEN I’M NOT READING IT, MY COACH WOULD NOT LET ME TRAIN AT OUR PRIVATE GYM UNTIL I BROUGHT IT OUT FOR HIM TO READ. I still cringe at little fingernail marks, but all he cares about is the information.

I believe once Charlie was labelled as “well you know” it probably did not get any publishers wanting to pick up its rights. The only one smart enough to do so was Steve Bennet. I live in Canada and I can’t even get CFTS in any library in Canada (I checked). Talk about a bunch of retarded people who no longer publish the greatest sprint book ever! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The oztrack version is NOT licenced by anymore. Buy this product at your own risk, we don’t support it.

Buyers beware! The Oz version is (at least it was when I bought it) missing one to two graphs. Buy the original from CF.

We also dont support crooks, you shouldn’t either :). But thats another story we’ll leave in the garbage.

Can you please explain what the graphs involved look like and what they involved, page numbers?

My coach thought there might be pages missing but I wasn’t sure!

It’s amazing what Charlies books are going for nowdays. At a used copy of Speed Trap can run you as much as $266 cdn! I have a friend who has print copies of all of CFs books who refuses to lend them out.

I guess I’ll have to be happy with the ebooks for now - but the search continues! Someday I’ll get print versions :wink:

I’m not sure, but if its recognition/prestige you want, simply keep proof of purchase receipt as a souveneir.

It’s a bit of prestige - I’ve always had a thing for rare stuff like cds and first edition books, but mostly, I like having an actual book in my hands. I’m old school that way. ebooks are great, but they’re not the same as having all 300 pages right there with a hard cover.

It’s like downloading a song off of kazaa vs. actually buying the cd. It’s more satisfying to have the cd as opposed to a file on your computer.

Maybe I’m weird. :smiley:

Not at all, I get what you mean.

If anyone is looking for a hardcopy of Speed Trap and is will to pay, there are several copies available through Most of them are going for around $50-60 US.