Training for 100,400,1500

i have been out of running for a couple years im 31 years old 6’ 3" 170 pounds
and looking to improve on my times. My 100 is about 12-13 seconds and my 400 is about 55-60 but my mile is 8 minutes. I usually tire out after the 2nd lap on my mile so i need to improve my endurance anyone have any suggestions and training programs? I was looking to start running maybe 3-5 miles a day to get into shape.

I would train for the 100m CFTS style, but have a lot more volume of tempo. 2000m-3000m would probably be pretty good to get your general fitness up, which is the problem looking at your mile time.

Just training on a regular basis should drop your mile time significantly. I can run a mile in under 6 minutes, training as a sprinter.

im looking to drop it under 5 first before i start training for the 100. How long do you estimate that will take?

I would train the 100m first with lots of tempo. I have run a 5 minute mile (just in gym class too so in trainers and no competition) with no running over 400m except for my warm-up and cool-down jogs.

To get your time down from 8 minutes to under 6 minutes will pretty much just happen from the general training you do to help you 100m and 400m. However to get from under 6 to under 5 is going to take a bit more work. Not a lot but probably a 3-5 week period of specifically tuned 1500m training. If you can get your 1600m time down to under 5 it will help your 400m time significantly.