Training a complete starter

There is a new 19 year old guy in my group. He has never did any sport before. He ran 11.7 on the 100m on normal running shoes (not spikes) after a week of training. So this guy hasn’t any experience on sports at all and yet he runs pretty quick. I think he is very talented, how should he be trained the first few weeks, months and years to get him not overtrained? He didn’t do sports ever besides the normal 1 hour schoolsports. How should he build up his training during the week? When should he start lifting?

Never played any sport or lifted weights before and he has the coordination to run a 11.7?? This guy’s a freak of nature!

You probably want to introduce medicine ball work and tempo asap and then gradually get him in the weightroom. There should be a long GPP to improve his general fitness and strength levels.

Speaking of GPP, I know of a great DVD on the subject, in fact it is the best DVD on the subject. It is called GPP Essentials by a fellow named Charlie Francis. Here is the link: