total volume

when planning my workout, i had a question. I know 35:65 for speed:tempo ratio, but do you think this is a bit off considering I don’t have access to regenation applications such as massage and ems (but i do have contrast and foam rollers) that other athletes do? Also, am I adding all the everything that I do on each day? for instance if I do 2x60m strides before i start a 95% session, do i add this to the total that will dictate my ratio?? I appreciate the help all!

Thanks so much everyone, i really appreciate the help!!!

Although the runs would have to be of an intensity higher than 85% of best time (achieveable on the surface in question!), You would count any sprints done on grass during the prep period (or during certain recovery periods, where sprints on grass might be called for).

I agree. Particularly since runs on grass, for example, may be a form of recovery. However, would you not include alactic runs on grass during general prep with intensities @ 85% or greater?

To determine vol, I think it’s probably best for most people to add all runs in spikes. Any thoughts?