Torn Muscle and Massage

What can I do as a coach to help my athlete who has torn his calf slightly. The tear is in the belly of the muscle. It is quite tender, but the pain is fairly specific to one area and is no longer general. What sort of massage should be done for this?

out of curiosity ,how did this happen?
It is rather difficult to tear your calf am i correct?

when he was at worlds, I believe someone told him his stride needed to be lengthened and that he would go from running 22.03 to 20.?? if he did so. I believe he did the damage over striding. I was not present there, so it was out of my hands.

He is going for physio already. I just need to know what I can do to speed up his recovery. His season is now officially over. He will miss nationals on August 10th.